We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Brandon K. Momon | Fashion Wardrobe Stylist

My legacy is that I am undeniably and confidently with myself. I am very confident in who I am what I do which carry’s over into my professional lifestyle as Fashion Wardrobe Stylist. I am a firm believer that my clientele picks up on that and is ultimately why they choose me in such an competitive industry. My clients believe in my confidence which allows me to push them outside of their comfort zone and really create art with my styles. Read more>>

Brittany Sullivan | CEO of StormFighter,LLC & Inspirational Influencer

What comes to mind when I think of Legacy is LEGENDARY, A GIFT and IMPACT! My Brand StormFighter is simple yet POWERFUL. StormFighter is not just a Brand it’s my name and as my slogan goes, “I Found Purpose In My Storm”. My Legacy will be valued, I want to leave a positive impact knowing that because I Found Purpose In My Storm it inspired and uplifted others to weather their Storms with a Smile. What do I want my Legacy to be? Read more>>

Brittany Walker | Author, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Provider, Foot Model/Domme

I’d like my legacy to be that I helped others love themselves more and to embrace their authentic selves by loving myself out loud and showing up as my authentic self everyday. I’d like to be remembered as someone who loves and supports black people especially black women unapologetically and a catalyst for pushing us forward in all the many facets of our lives. Read more>>

Shaquana Miles | Worship Leader & Recording Artist

I would like my legacy to point straight to God. Every decision I’ve made concerning being an entrepreneur was not of my own doing, but out of obedience to what the Lord told me to do. So if there is any legacy or level of success as a result of those decisions, it should all bring glory to the Lord. I want people to see what life I’ve lived, the good and bad of it, and say, “Wow, God is real. He loves us well. He is near. He knows best. He gives us His best, and living a life of active faith brings eternal rewards.” Read more>>

Nyah Sneed | Entrepreneur, Actress, Author

I want people to remember me as a overall good person and woman. I want my legacy to be an inspiration to other young black kids. I want to be an inspiration to other girls who have kinky hair, to kids that were left out, bullied or felt like they didn’t fit in. Read more>>