We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Jack & Kenau Victor | Streetwear & Tech Lifestyle

We want our legacy to be like David and Goliath. Everybody knows about this story and heard about how a small guy named David was able to take down a giant like Goliath. We want people to remember the same thing about us. My wife, who is also my business partner, and I created a brand that is trying to take down the giant of underrepresentation & lack of diversity & inclusivity in tech. To take it one step further, we want to push for more public schools in black & brown or disadvantaged communities to implement STEM as a part of their curriculum right along with music, art, PE, etc. Read more>>

Donald Gibson | The Marriage Preparation Coach

I want to be remembered as the guy that changed the world by showing people what God intended marriages to be and do. I want to be remembered as doing my part as part of the body of Christ in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. Read more>>

Jasmine Small | Young Professional

Legacy is considered to be “the richness of the individual’s life,” I believe a legacy is created through accomplishments and the impact on one has had on other people and places. With this being said, I want my legacy to be one of passion and authenticity. I want my legacy to sustain my ethic of hard work and have an impact on generations to come after me. I want it to inspire those who have been through their own trials and tribulations to continue to go after their passion. I tend to believe many people strive to achieve and understand their meaning in life with their passions as “guides” to find this meaning. Read more>>

Ivory Cloud | Dreams of Lois Founder & Educator

I want the Dreams of Lois legacy and the Ivory Cloud legacy to live on for generations to come. Dreams of Lois’ legacy were built on an ideology of breaking boundaries, serving others, and being the best version of yourself that one can be. In life, you will travel through ups and downs, twists and turns, however, at the end of the day we must understand and believe that all will be well. Dreams of Lois believe that if one person shines, we all shine. Read more>>

Marquis Lyles | Business Owner

I want my legacy to be one of a “Small Town Hero.” I want people to remember me for being courageous, someone who smashes every goal, someone who empowered the people around me, someone who was willing to go above and beyond to see not only myself but others succeed, a giver, a helper, someone who cares about the community, someone who strives for economic growth in the black community, someone who overcame adversity on every level, someone who never gave up, and someone who is a great leader! I don’t want just one specific thing to define me or my legacy. I want my legacy to be define by that of genuine love and respect from everyone I encounter along my journey of life. Read more>>

Kendra Neely | Serial Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist & Designer

I want to be remembered for being kind. When people leave my projects and teams or when I’m in heaven, I want to be remembered for genuinely having a good heart. It’s super easy and tempting to get caught up social media, personal image and self righteousness in these industries where people glorify you for the pictures you take, connections you have and material possessions you “own” . I used to be so addicted to all of that. The image meant more than the work and I started to tailor myself to who the image that was praised was. The only thing that kept me anchored was my heart. I have so much love in my heart to give and share with the world and I refuse to water that down. Read more>>

Obafemii “Obie” Hawk | Founder of Obie One B.A. & Pray Brand Clothing

My legacy will be my son Princeton Hawk, the son of a King. I will instill in him the love for people that I have. Reminding him of the love of God lives inside of him, and to always be a blessing, never a burden. Princeton is a true gem, and will impact this world far beyond I ever could. The blessing of my music and clothing will already flow into him as he is an active participant. Princeton and my niece London Hawk will be able to carry on the legacy of Obafemii Hawk aka Obie One B.A. as I am their favorite superstar in every way. Read more>>