We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Dr. Jaime Johnson-Duplessis | Nonprofit Director, Ghostwriter, and Cooking Influencer

I think the most important thing that I have done as a parent to impact my children is going for my dreams. I became a mother my sophomore year in college, having my first two sons ten months apart. I was practically a teen mother. For me, it was important to finish college. They were at my undergraduate graduation ceremony, one and two years old. It made the experience better. Then, once I knew that I could do that, I went for everything that came to my mind. Read more>>

3 Brothers No Sense | Podcast

As parents we feel like we have broken a lot of generational curses. We all grew up in low to moderate income homes and two of us in broken homes. Budgeting and planning for the future were luxuries that our parents didn’t have. So when it comes to creating legacies with generational wealth, and modeling a stable healthy loving relationship we had to start from scratch. We have not only been able to prepare our children to succeed in their lifetime, but ensure generations from now are able to thrive as well. We have been able to allow our children to really look to the future and not have to worry about the bare necessities of feeling safe, shelter, and food. Read more>>

Philip Spandorfer | Pediatrician and Blogger

We have two children who are both well adjusted and successful. They are in college currently and we could not be more proud of the adults they are becoming. We always made education a priority in our house along with an attempt to instill morals to do the right thing. Our children have seen us be committed to lifelong learning as a way to continually improve ourselves. We are also very volunteer oriented. We are always volunteering for a cause or non-profit that has meaning to us. We like to give to others and help others. We feel that these traits will be passed on to our children as as we saw them in our parents. Read more>>