We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Kate Lewis | Artist

Setting up my studio in our home so they can watch me create and grow my business daily is one of the most important things. When they were little their playroom and my studio were in one space. So, they would be just a few feet away playing or sleeping in a bouncer as I painted. They have seen me follow my passion to create art and bring it to others from day one. I hope this shows them that it’s okay for them to create their own paths in life. Read more>>

LaTasha Parkmond | Author & Business Owner

The most important thing we have done as a parent is involving our children in our small business called Peachy Brass. Guiding them through life by teaching them how to be respectful to everyone and offering assistance to anyone that needs help. Teaching our children how to start and operate a business has taught them about generating income and creating their own apparel or custom products. It allows them to be different by wearing or designing clothes they know is unique to them…why because they created and designed it. They understand the importance of working for themselves, helping others and being a business owner. Read more>>

Kelsey Mizell | Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a mother of an almost 2 year old and he is the light of my life. I get to experience so much love on a daily basis and at the same time, I am challenged to learn new things about myself as a parent and as a person. I think the most important thing I’ve done to impact my son is to be kind with myself. Being a mother is both the most amazing and the hardest thing I do every day. Motherhood is messy – some days feel easier and I love it; other days are more challenging. Knowing that both of these are okay, and having compassion for my own feelings, creating space to take care of me; helps me to feel more connected with myself and be a more present mother to my son. I value myself, I value my son, I value our family and I hope to show him that self-love creates more space for loving others. Read more>>

Jade Tamaski | Artist

Being a parent is hard. It is the most rewarding, but difficult job you can have. The pressure and responsibility can be overwhelming at times. When they are little you worry about doing everything the “right way”. When they are older you still worry that you have done the best you could to teach them about the world and their place in it. I have always tried to give my kids everything I had as a child and what I thought I was missing growing up. The biggest impact I have as a parent is to LISTEN. Be there for them no matter when, where or how they need you, be present and always listening. Don’t judge them, just support them. Kids will mess up and do things their own way, and that’s ok. I believe those are the moments where character is created. Read more>>

Princess Wallace | Entrepreneur

I am a single mother of three and I believe the most impactful thing as a parent I’ve done so far is showing them that hard works pays off. They have seen me work multiple jobs to accomplish my goals. They have watched me grow my business over the last few years and has inspired them to one day want to own their own business. I recently closed on our first home and they understand that was a result of my hard work. Read more>>

Wykia Chisolm-Jackson | Co-owner at Brick City Custom Tees

The most important thing my husband and I have done as parents in terms of the impact on our children is teaching and showing them the importance of education, credit and entrepreneurship. We want our children to be better than we were growing up. We want our children to know that the sky’s the limit and they can succeed in any career paths whether it’s entrepreneurship or a corporate career. Read more>>

Shu-wonna Gregory-Burkes | Writer & Event Decorator/ Coordinator

As a parent I believe the most important thing I’ve done to impact my children is “Not giving Up”. Not giving up on my aspirations in life with fighting cancer, education, becoming a writer, entrepreneurship and most importantly having a family, being MOM. Read more>>