We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Scoop&Cache Reese | Managers Of The Lizm Muzik Group

The end goal is to create a management company that artists can trust to both protect them from the negatives of the industry while cultivating a positive culture for creative growth. Professionally we strive to create a legacy everlasting in history without an end. Our ultimate goal is for people to mention The Lizm Muzik Group hundreds even thousands of years from now as they mention Shakesphere, Beethoven, etc… Read more>>

Crysten Wells | Personal/Private Chef

I don’t see myself “retiring” from my cooking career. Cooking & food will always be apart of my life. I hope by the “end”, I’ll have income from the things that I’ve created over the years that will still continue to make money for me. I hope to have one or two major clients that can support the lifestyle that I’ve created for myself & I’ll throw some dinners & shindigs every now & again to make sure I am still feeding the people. I don’t do this all for myself, I do it for the people who know & understand how food makes a difference in one’s life & the people who just enjoy great food from a personable. fun & dope black woman chef ! I want to be able to spend time with my family, birth given & the one I’ll create, throughout & after my career & show them that you can do what you love & make all your dreams & goals come to life. Read more>>

Ashantae Burden | New Image Skin Solution(owner)/ Suzie’s Kloset(clothing boutique as well)

Great Question! I would say for me the end goal is to connect and bring awareness to anyone who is dealing with psoriasis. In our African American community it is not talked about, often times the commercials are not informative. I feel like it is my personal duty to talk and educate our community. I can help someone even if it is just bringing information and natural products that help, I feel that is my goal. Read more>>

Alison Mastrangelo | Weekend Sports Anchor / Reporter at WSB

I feel like my end goal is always evolving and changing. As of today, I’d love to make it to a network and be able to continue to anchor, report, side line and continue to share stories that humanize all of the talented athletes I have a chance to interview and cover. I’d also never rule out teaching journalism classes at a college or a university. I’ve always enjoyed mentoring future journalists because I’ve had so many great mentors that have helped me throughout my career. Read more>>