One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Whitney Bailey | Spiritual Life Coach & Entrepreneur

I am inspired by intentional conversation and the desire to heal from within. Read more>>

Jasmine Minori | Makeup Artist

As an artist I feel everything, I am moved by everything details, colors, nostalgia, wholesome experiences bad experiences music, art, you feel me? I take from everything I have crossed paths with and it inspires me to create. Individuality is something I’ve always had & I didn’t have anyone growing up who understood me, people always trying to change who i am, my personality, my art, how i do art, how I was different, learned differently, expressed myself differently, walked at my own pace, so I am heavily inspired by ME . I really am my biggest inspiration. Read more>>

Miaya Carter | Shopping & Retail Owner

What am I inspired by? God that’s a good question I’m inspired by black female entrepreneurs I was always taught to be independent and learn that it’s okay to do things differently. I was taught by my role model to follow your dreams and to never give up or to let anyone shadow your dreams. Read more>>

Symmadar Swanston | Slow Living & Holistic Wellness Advocate

I’m inspired by the opportunity to connect with people and build an authentic community. I’m very community-driven and believe that if more like-minded people were able to connect, communicate, share, and build with one another, there would be no limits to our potential as individuals and as a collective. Read more>>

regina hicks | recording artist and radio personalty on the straight like that show

I’m an award-winning independent recording artist and songwriter and the host of the straight Like That Podcast, im most proud of the music iv made. I’m very proud of the award that ive been nominated for and won and even the ones i didnt win but to be recognized by my peers in music is a great accomplishment. the highlight of my career was the opportunity to intervie oscar winner and queen of comedy Monique at the height of the Netflix scandal. she was so funny and real and i learned alot from her by listening to her wisdom. Read more>>