We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Jade Crosby | Singer, Songwriter, & Actress

Inspiration comes to me in many different ways and truly, not a day goes by where I don’t find some sort of inspiration. First and foremost, I am always inspired by my amazing parents. Their determination instilled the courage in me to be creative, express myself, and pursue my dreams. When it comes to writing, whether that be song lyrics or poetry, I am inspired by the experiences I have received in my life. Whether the experiences are deemed as good or bad, I can always find the lesson and the beauty within a said situation which in turn, brings an overflow of inspiration. The changing of the seasons, good conversations with strangers, and life’s ebb and flow inspire me to write and perform. Read more>>

Nicky Partyka | Carpenter & Owner of Thunderbird Fabrication

Artists, Architecture, Music, Plants, History, and just the beauty of life Read more>>

Emily Boyd | Fine Artist

I think ultimately I am inspired by connection. Connection to others. Connection to ones deeper self, your own thoughts and emotions. Connection to nature, to the world around us. Art is often about representation of an inner world. But to even begin to express one’s own inner world, let alone represent it in a creative manner, one must be able to recognize it, access it. At the very least, be willing to encounter it and then share it. Read more>>

Carolina Arias Cediel | Founder & Executive Director

I am internally and externally inspired by different things. Internally, I am inspired by my family, faith, and my purpose-driven vision for what I want in life. Externally, I am inspired by travel, culture, and biographies because I love to see how other human beings overcame obstacles and accomplished their dreams. Read more>>

Winthorpe Burke | Owner of production company: Doreen Collective

When I think of Inspiration, the first person comes to mind is my mother. Unfortunately she passed away to cancer, but she fought all the way until the end. Being from a single parent, I watched and witness what resilience, determination, discipline is from my mother, and I keep those principles with me to this day. As I got older, is when i truly understood how hard she was working, just to make sure food was on the table every night, gifts under the tree for Christmas, and everyday birthday was amazing. She has and always will inspire me to keep pushing forward, she is no longer with us in the physical but her energy is still felt. She continues to fight. The Reason why I named my business after her.. Read more>>

Oluwatosin Akindele | Therapist

I’m inspired by the idea that I can be a vessel of change for someone. Knowing that the space I provide for black men will always be safe and enriched with empathy and patience continues to push me. And last but not least, seeing growth in my clients exhibited through self love and the desire to continuously improve themselves and their relationships is the ultimate inspiration to keep going. Read more>>

Tiara Hunt Smith | Non-Profit Founder & Executive Director

I am inspired by us “WOMEN”! I am constantly amazed and motivated by our ability to overcome obstacles and create opportunities in spaces that are traditionally dominated by men. It is essential for all women, especially women of color to pave the way for other women who are thought leaders and strive to successful, while break barriers. I have been fortunate to have very positive examples of strong, courageous leaders who are females in my life as I was coming up. Read more>>

Jacky Wong | Content Creator

Growing up, I use to watch a lot of YouTube videos and it has always caught my eye because it looked like a fun thing to do. A specific YouTuber I use to watch and looked up to was Ryan Higa. Watching him made me realize that being a content creator was what I wanted to do as I love to entertain people, make them laugh, and smile since there is so much sadness in the world. Therefore I plan on achieving these things through my content. Read more>>

Joshua Joel | Still Image Specialist-Photographer

The concept of Legacy…”what will I be remembered for” I want my legacy to entail more than just photography, I want my character to hold weight as well. Read more>>