One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Ashlee Epps | Author & Speaker

It is not so much of what I am inspired by, it is more of who I am inspired by and that is my 2 year old son. It has been such a joy to watch him grow. I always thought it would be me teaching him life lessons, but in actuality he is the one teaching me. I absolutely admire his perseverance and determination. I was watching him play with a puzzle one day and he couldn’t quite figure it out, but it wasn’t until he changed the direction of the puzzle piece that he was able to complete the picture. For me, that was my reminder that I must be determined in accomplishing my goals, but I have to be flexible in my methods. He is truly on of my greatest inspirations. Read more>>

Portia Lindsay | Certified Teeth Whitening Specialist

I am inspired by living intentional in every aspect of my life, and focusing on one day at a time. Read more>>

Jacquis Speight | Worship Leader, Recording Artist, Minister, Co-Author, Psalmist & Motivational Speaker

I am inspired by my love for God, music and seeing people lifted from despair. I was raise from a rich lineage of music ministry and creatives. As a little girl, I watched my grandmother, grandfather, mom and uncles prepare by rehearsing and meditation through prayer or studying then go into rather stiff atmospheres, and spiritually connect with people and use their God given gift to lift and shift atmospheres. It was soul stirring and deep within I knew too had the desire to be a vessel. This has lead to Jacquis Speight Ministries which includes ministry through song and word, motivational speaking and an active worship leader, co author, and recording artist. Read more>>

Latricia Taylor | Pastor Author & Entrepreneur

My inspiration comes from God, my children, and the desire to help God’s people. Read more>>