We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Brooke Tiera | Entertainment Entrepreneur | Media Spokesperson | Model

Wow! This is question has so many layers to it but I truly believe there will always be an important decision to make along the way a journey to success. Success is different for everyone but I’ve learned its imperative to surround yourself with people who have the same mentality and hustle as you. With that said It came to a point a had to detach myself from people and things that no longer served me. I had to heal myself and make a decision to confidently bet on myself 100 percent. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t decided to bet on me and decide to follow my visions. It was no looking back now, being a full-time entrepreneur has its ups and downs but once you step into your purpose and commit to it despite the down times’ everything begins to happen how it’s supposed too and you won’t even be able to believe it yourself! Read more>>

Genevieve Jones | Event Planner and Grants Guru

The single most important decision contributing to my success has been choosing education. When my dad and I immigrated from Haiti, he always stressed the importance of education. I always knew that education and experience were important for working in your passion because they make you an expert in your craft. After attending the University of Florida for undergrad and moving to Atlanta, I continually sought out additional education opportunities to grow my passion. I obtained my Event Planning Certificate in 2005 which became the basis of my business. Since then, I have attended various seminars and training on grants administration and became proficient in grants while working in the non-profit arena with organizations that allowed me to get on-the-job training to master this valuable skill. Being a lifelong learner allows me to pivot and reinvent myself quickly during challenging times such as being a small business owner in this current pandemic. Read more>>

Larmarrous Shirley | Publisher, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, & Dee-jay

Never be complacent. There is always room to grow, and expand your skillset. Read more>>

Atenya Dillon | Certified Transformation Coach/ Author/ Motivational Speaker

The single most important decision I made in deciding to work for myself which contributes to my success was to first believe in myself , make an intentional decision to change my mind set, and consistently work on my personal development. I conditioned myself mentally, physically,, and emotionally. After working for corporate America for years, I was institutionalized in my thinking as I was always the employee. I knew and understood along with my work ethic my belief system had to be strong and evident. My position changed. Now, I am the boss and I have to demonstrate the same commitment and dedication in building my own dream as I did building someone else’s dream. Ideas and opportunities don’t just materialize out of thin air.. It takes work and sacrifice. Read more>>