Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Dr. Jarrett Manning | Honey Envy Founder and CEO & Dentist

Being an accomplished dentist, a lot of people ask me, “Why hair?” My response is simple. Why not hair? I truly care about the impact of stylish healthy hair. Growing up, I tried every style in the book and did the “big chop” multiple times. I see hair as a way of setting yourself apart and expressing who you are. I’ve has experienced firsthand the confidence that comes from beautiful moisturized hair and how when your hair is on point your attitude is on point as well. The world first saw my hair on Season 6 of Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine. Since then, I had several people messaging me, asking me how I created my signature style. I created Honey Envy to inspire people to love their hair again and to use that confidence to be or do anything! Read more>>

Leah Farmer | Event Designer & Coordinator

I was getting married at the end of 2014 and spent most of the year Pinteresting my heart out. On evenings and weekends I tackled creative project after project, curating all the things I saw and loved to make my day perfect and one-of-a-kind. I’ve always been a DIY kind of gal and realized how much joy this brought me and how fulfilling it was to see it all come together. At this time, it became apparent to me that I desperately needed another creative outlet that allowed me the gratification I felt was lacking in my full time job. I received so many compliments from family and guests on the look and feel of my wedding, it gave me the confidence to branch out and help bring other couples’s ideas to life. Read more>>

Sierra Sawyer | Massage Therapist, Womb Wellness Practitioner & Health & Wellness Coach

How can I reach people who may not know exactly what all Health & Wellness truly entails. How can I change lives by what I’m offering to the world with my services and products. Also how can I make it affordable for everyone. Read more>>

Mehdi Kajbaf | Co-Founder – Marketing

I believe it’s important that everyone lives a life consistent with their core values. For me, I realized quickly in my young career that no 9 – 5 job would provide the level of freedom necessary for me to be happy. Once I discovered that fact, it guided every decision in my life so when the opportunity to create Matboard and More came along, it meant everything to me. It was not a matter of starting a business, or selling a product or even getting rich. It was a pathway to a life of freedom where I could choose what I do with my own time and have the financial means to live a full life. Thankfully with my amazing partners, clients and some luck I’ve reached that level. So I would tell anyone looking to make any big decision in their life to first ask themselves, does this path lead me to a place where my life and core values will mirror each other? Read more>>

Aneel Khan | Digital Video Specialist & Writer

I think often times people will answer that they want to be their own boss. But in all honesty, how many of you like your bosses!? I kid I kid! Joking aside, obviously that is a huge plus. For me though, I wanted to have total control over anything I did, especially creative projects. For short films and most commercials I write, your only restrictions are your own imagination. I absolutely love that I can create anything and not have to worry about getting it approved or changing something. One of the only things that can be a factor is budget, but that’s when you get to show your skill set. The idea being, “here’s what I can do with this budget, imagine what I can with more.” And yes of course, I wanted to have a business to make money. That’s why they exist, after all. Read more>>

Ivan Thomas | Serial Entrepreneur, Celebrity Publicist & Author

My thought process was that I wanted to leave my own legacy on this earth so that people will know that Ivan Thomas was here – long after I am gone. I understood that in order to accomplish that, I had to be the author of my own life story rather than allowing someone else to write it for me by influencing my trajectory in life. My goal was to have extraordinary experiences doing what I was most passionate about, while also operating in my life’s purpose. I made the determination that I was the only person who could provide that quality of life for me. So, as I got prepared to launch my vision, I took self-inventory and got to know myself better than I ever had before. I read lots of books, watched tons of motivational videos and studied highly successful people that I admired so I could apply some of their habits to my life. Read more>>