We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Briar Dougherty | Career Navigation Expert & CEO of Career Organic

When looking for a new job or a career shift, research company culture first, before applying any roles. Read more>>

Reva Benoit | Mobile Bartender Owner

“Something is better than nothing” is a conventional piece of advice that I have not often agreed with. In my opinion, settling for something is the lowering of one’s standards. I believe high standards in business, ultimately aids in attracting high-quality clients. Having patience with a plan will allow for the opportunity to do it right the first time without having to settle, in most cases. Often times our visions are huge, and some aspects of the business will take time to add on– unless your budget can afford it, I suggest compartmentalizing the business needs and budget by most important with monthly goals of expanding products and/or services in budget-friendly ways. I did this, and now I offer so many aspects of Mobile Bartending thanks to this method! Read more>>

Jessica King | Foodie & Engineer

That you should make money or a business out of a hobby. Sometimes, a hobby is just that – a hobby. Something you find that lets you free your mind and relax doesn’t always have to be something you monetize, it can be something for just you to enjoy. Read more>>