While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible. We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Mikel McGee: Founder + Floral Designer

I think having strong organizational skills has definitely helped with the success of 414loral. I’m a very visual person so I often have to take a lot of notes, written and typed. I also have the tendency to double and triple check things, attention to detail is something that is very important in my industry. Read more>>

Melissa Williams: Photographer

Being consistently honest with myself about failure. I try to embrace it as much as possible, though it is hard to get over failure there is always another path that will lead me to greatness. Preserving through adversity. It is hard out here for people that look like me, but I remember all the lives that impacted my life and would love to be an inspiration to others. Staying humble and grounded. I am a learner in life with everything, and that makes me fall in love with life again, everyday. Self-care is important to my creative process, so I am very in-tune with my body, feelings and mental health. Read more>>

Aimfordahead: Artist/Songwriter/Label CEO

I think my work ethic & persistence are the habits I feel that helped me succeed. You have to want it just as bad as you want to breathe. In any business you have to stay persistent thru the hard times when things are slow don’t give up keep going those are the times you have to lock in and focus 10 times harder! Compared to when things are good because majority of people quit when they hit a bump along the road. Most businesses don’t last a year because the owners didn’t have that drive to push thru those hard times. Hard work pays off!. Read more>>

Chavon Anette: Fire Leadership Coach

I am the Fire Leadership Coach. I help kingdom people break fear, build faith, and lead confidently. My desire is to help people not just survive but thrive in life, leadership, and business. I am the host of the Power & Grace Leaders Podcast and Talk Show. I am also a certified leadership life coach with a university filled with courses to help individual to leap and lead in their area of influence- Powerhouse Leaders University. Also, I am a transformational speaker, and a multiple best-selling author. This all matured from starting a blog in 2016 and allowing God to direct my path. Anything worth having never simply drops in your lap. You must be willing to be in the work necessary to reap the harvest of your labor. Success of any type will require commitment, consistency, and courage, which are necessary elements that require sacrificing the fear, shame, and pride to embrace the power of courage, coldness, and humility that will help one experience success in their lives. Read more>>

Tariq Drayton: Artist

Studying Inspiration. As I recently started painting, I was stuck. I don’t recommend buying a blank canvas and just “start painting”. Me personally, could never do that. I’ve probably wasted hours staring at a piece of paper with the motive to draw or paint, but with no real ideas. Looking at the artists who inspire me give me ideas, and broaden my imagination and style. But along with that, CONSISTENCY. I’m a teenager, I get lazy and I take breaks. Yet painting and drawing doesn’t feel like a chore to me. I at LEAST try to make an effort to create. If I can’t produce anything, I take a step back and be patient. Read more>>

Nicholas Lodge: Master Cake Artist and pastry Chef

Passion and perseverance. Read more>>