While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible. We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Jasmine Britt | Chazmon & Jasmine Britt

Faith.! Faith in God for guiding our steps. Faith in each as Business and Lyfe Partners that we will give each other and are business our Best in communicating and getting to the grind of things. Faith in our children for waiting and watching patiently as we show them the way of entrepreneurship. Faith that the numbers will grow, and the creativity and positive energy will show through our work in some way. Faith that we are cultivating our purpose an empowering our community in so way to believe they can do the same Read more>>

Amy Patricio | Atlanta Personal Chef Service Owner & Founder

The success of Atlanta Personal Chef Service centers around long-lasting, positive, personal relationships. Everyone we serve, from families to individuals, is a relationship we value with care, commitment, and quality. This extends to the relationships within our team as well. Positive, professional relationships develop and mature, and trust is built over time. Going on ten years of leading Atlanta Personal Chef Service, both my personal success as well as the success of the brand hinges on continually putting other people first, listening well, and always finding the best way to serve and add value to others. Read more>>

DeQuana Ellis | She-O of BodiedXNature

I feel as a woman of color in my early 30’s that the most important factor behind my success is determination! I am one determined woman because I know what failure feels and looks like and I’m not fond of it. I come from a single-parent home and I saw what determination was able to produce from an early age. My determination has bled into my business because I strive to continue to learn and improve it. I spend hours researching weekly, on how to perfect my craft. BodiedXNature is determined to be a billion-dollar business and we will. Read more>>

Kenedi Griffis | Okay Kenedi

The most important factor you could possibly invest in and that has proven time and time again to be the driving force behind almost all of the success I have experienced is relationships. There is no substitute for relationships. I am blessed to have been surrounded by a great community who champions my music in their day to day lives. There are people in my life who will offer their resources, who help me with campaigns for releases, who will jump on social media to advertise my shows, who will play my music in their shops and businesses – the list goes on and on. Read more>>

Ali Ture | Fashion Blogger & Community Organizer

The most important factor behind my success is three fold. First, I think it’s important that people define what success means to them. For me, I’m successful because I have amazing friends, mentors and chosen family who care about me deeply & who ground me in my values. Another important factor regarding my success is the fact that I made a conscious decision to be the person I want to be. I used to look at other people’s Instagrams and think to myself, “Damn, I want that for myself,” or, “How happy would I be if I had that?” and one day I was looking at someone’s instagram that I admire and I had the same thought process and it just hit me- the only thing that’s stopping me from living my dreams is myself. Read more>>

Wendy Walraven | Owner/ Founder

Our customers service is the factor behind our success. We thrive to serve others as we’d like to be served. Loving people is so important to us. The world needs more love, intentionality, patience and understanding. Read more>>

Harrison Benton | Firearm Instructor and Gun Dealer

Behind my success is where I came from and the support system I had. All my life I grew up with people pouring into how successful I would become in life. Yes, I have a rugged background that many of us have seen or read about but I’d rather spend more time telling you all how focus and discipline got me out of the mud. Not only did I want better for myself but I wanted better for my family and I was determined to see it all the way through and the hardest lesson there was realizing I would have to go and do some things alone and sacrifice time away from them in order to accomplish the goals that I had sat forth for myself. Read more>>

Jalen Aliyu | Child Talent. Actor, Pianist, Model, Celebrity Interviewer, Jr. Chef, Comedian, Singer, Published Journalist, and Host of JALEN SAYS! Live Show

My Mom. She did everything for me. She started me in everything I am doing over 3 years ago. I had a chance for a commercial and my Mom didn’t know I would have wanted to do it. As soon I told her I wanted to act she went I got me into the first production she could find which happened to be a feature film “First Man-The Neil Armstrong Story”. I have since been successful as an Actor, Pianist, Model, Journalist, Jr. Chef, Host and Celebrity Interviewer.
I am able to follow my dreams however I see them and I get lots of kid time, too! Read more>>

Snap Babei | Jill of all trades

Manifesting the life I wanted to live. Setting goals & boundaries. Following through and going for it no matter how hard it might be. Just finish the race Read more>>

Omarious Fann | Inspirational Speaker, Business Consultant & Model

One of the most important factors behind my success would be proper time management. Read more>>

Jenn David | Talent Agent & Entrepreneur

Passion and Authenticity. When your heart beats for a certain cause, you’re undefeatable. Passion is a guarantee that you’ll still persevere when things get tough and that as long as it takes to be successful. Don’t waste your time maintaining an image of yourself that the people around you like but that’s not who you are. It will cost you too much energy in the long run that you actually need for your success. Just be yourself and make the most of your strengths – that’s convincing. Read more>>

Tia Evans | Sex Therapist

For me the most important factor behind my success, and the success of my brand is living in my authentic truth. Once I discovered the power of sitting in my own self, unapologetically, I realized I could have anything I set my mind out to have. That is the same power I wish to give to my patients through therapy. Giving someone permission to give themselves permission to be themselves is such a selfless act, but can be invaluable. My goal is to free everyone who sits on my couch in this manner. Read more>>

Tadria Allen | Wardrobe Stylist Creative Director Serial Entrepreneur

The most important factor to my success isn’t just one thing. It’s a few things that work hand in hand and those things are my spirituality …knowing my source , work ethic , and authenticity on staying true to who I am personally and what my brand represents . These things are my foundation . Read more>>

Devin Wills | Chairman/Executive Director Hands Across Atlanta

I believe the most important factor behind my success with Hands Across Atlanta has been in building and utilizing the many great talents of the team members I work with daily. When it comes to scaling any organization, you need a great strategy for recruiting top tier talent that can compensate your lack of connections and skills gap. Learning how to leverage great people and their abilities has been game changing for me at many different levels. When I look at the work we’ve been able to accomplish on the non-profit side with delivering essential resources to children in need, its been truly remarkable. Read more>>

Shakiyla Harris-James | Cosmetologist & Salon/Brand Owner

The most important factors behind the success of my brand are my strong faith in God, a great work ethic, and continuous education. Read more>>

Jesse Cole | Kingdom Platforms Coach

There are several factors that have contributed to my business success/growth. First, my faith. It keeps me grounded and focused on what really matters and it helps me to stay in alignment with who I am assigned to serve and why. Second, my commitment to being a relatable authority. Traditional business says that in order for a business leader to be respected, they have to fit a certain mold. And if they don’t, they won’t be successful. However, I’ve found that when I show up in the marketplace with boldness and authenticity, the people who need what I have are drawn to that, and they do business with me because they can see a piece of themselves in me. There is no separation between who I am in real life and how I show up in the marketplace. I’ve decided not to compromise the integrity of this truth. Read more>>

Marsharee Williams | Jewelry Designer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is excellent customer service which leads to an excellent customer experience! From start to finish I intentionally create the ultimate customer experience. I offer jewelry customization based on the customer’s needs and wants and create quality one of a kind, unique and meaningful pieces for my customers. Each order is packaged with great attention to detail which includes a high quality jewelry bag, care instructions and a handwritten thank you card. Read more>>