Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Nandi Ramirez | Founder & CEO, Noire Medical Women LLC

Since my Junior year of high school, I knew I was interested in studying medicine. In college, I attended a PWI, and predominantly white males taught my science courses. After college, I continued to take science prerequisites at another institution and often found myself in classrooms where there were not many students that looked like me. Those experiences taught me how important representation is for black women interested in the sciences/medicine. Read more>>

Jasmine Batie | #SALON Owner

I spent years working in various management roles, and felt called back to the beauty world to create something new + different of my own. Many salons serve a single demographic, and when I came up with #SALON, I knew that I wanted ANYONE who walked through the doors to feel comfortable entering + confident leaving. We are a full service boutique salon that can do everything from a men’s cut, full blonde balayage, silk press, or braids. Young or old, male or female, long hair or short hair, our only goal is to showcase each client’s natural beauty! Read more>>

Imari Graves | Digital Marketing Strategist and Business Coach

I launched my blog back in 2016 and didn’t have the funds to invest in it. I immediately began to think of ways to monetize my blog without spending tons of money. Through affiliate marketing and influencer campaigns, I managed to earn income to launch my t-shirt brand. During the pandemic, I decided to pivot from blogging and launched Boss Branding on a Budget. The whole purpose of this brand is to help others generate income for their business without spending tons on ads. Our main focus is to show you how to have a successful brand using organic marketing strategies. Read more>>

Yaya Kadima | Chemist & Herbal Enthusiast

This was actually all by accident. It started out as a way to find a solution for my dad. He was having issues breathing and producing a lot of phlegm. I randomly came across Dr Sebi and went crazy with everything he suggested. Some herbs were unbearable and others not as much. With all the concoctions I came up with, I found my gold mine… taste wise. The real kicker was the after effects. He stopped coughing, sleeping better and his energy picked up. I also realized that my energy picked up, my allergies subsided and I just felt better overall. Read more>>