Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Shannon Hargrove | Cosmetologist & Entrepreneur

My business idea derives from being a plus sized black girl with no real representation in the beauty world. I felt like the industries often overlook the regular girls who just want to wear makeup. its constantly about being glam or this or that and I wanted an opportunity for little girls, boys, adults’ and anybody a chance to find what gives them that inner sparkle. Read more>>

Veatrice Conley | Owner, Unveiled Bridal Studio

As a bride planning my wedding back in 2018, I was blown away by my wedding gown shopping experience and “all eyes on me” attention I received during my appointment. I always wanted to be a boutique owner but after that experience I knew I wanted to bring a bridal studio to my area with all the same appointment luxuries. Read more>>

Melanie McCullough | Wedding and Senior Photographer

I have a career background in Human Resources and really enjoy helping people. I became interested in learning more about photography after I had my daughter & wasn’t happy with the images I would take of her. I began reading booking and would also go practice the skills I was learning with friends and family; which lead me to capture my first wedding event back in 2008. Read more>>

Andrew George | Artist

I wanted a painting of Elvis for my apartment, but when I couldn’t find one I liked; I decided to make my own. The only problem was, I suck at painting… I remembered seeing a portrait of Van Gogh made of Jelly Beans at a ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ when I was little, and I always wondered how it ended up in that museum, because it was extremely believable. Read more>>

Ashley Olds | Online Thrift Store Owner

Eva Mae Thrift was born from my love of thrifting and wearing something unique that no one else had. Growing up, my mom and I would shop at thrift stores and get up early on Saturdays to go hunting for yard sales. That’s one of the ways that we bonded and spent time together, even to this day. The name Eva Mae is inspired by my mom, Eva, for her love of fashion and thrifting, and my grandmother Bertha Mae, who was the neighborhood candy lady and just an all-around hustler. This is my way to honor both of them. Read more>>