Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Rachael Pack | Owner of Kinship Butcher Sundry

Upon meeting, Myles and I have always wanted to open restaurant concepts together. We would spend our days off sketching potential kitchens and talking about concepts over a glass of beer or wine. As our background is almost exclusively fine-dining, we gave most of our attention to designing and dreaming of a beautiful tasting menu experience, but we also gave thought to a communal upscale casual concept as well as a butcher shop. Myles called our butcher shop “the center of the Death Star” as the shop would symbiotically connect the other concepts together; the butcher shop would provide specific cuts to the restaurants and in return, the restaurant would send back trim to be turned into meals or stock so there would be no waste. I had complete business plans written while we were still living in New York. Read more>>

Praysha Spearman | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Renew Therapy wasn’t actually my idea at first. I was introduced to the idea by another therapist who suggested that I begin a private practice. The name “Renew Therapy” was a by-product of my middle name, Renee. One of my best friends suggested that I call my private practice Renew Therapy. Honestly, I just couldn’t come up with a better name. That was back in 2017. At that time, I was working three part-time jobs, and I was completely stretched thin. Over the next three years, my job situations would change, but my feelings of overwhelm with work did not change. I had to figure something out. It got to a point where financial security was no longer a good excuse for staying where I was, and I decided to turn in my resignation. In March of 2021, I finally became a full-time entrepreneur. Read more>>

Vasiliki Theodoropoulos | Owner / Designer

I was an apparel designer in the fashion industry, for well known brands, well over 25 years. After the birth of my daughter i knew it was time to really put the wheels in motion and venture off on my own. I really knew it was time to create my own line/ brand. I created a few hair accessories for my daughter and the idea grew from there. The name behind our brand Chrisanthi Couture ,is my daughter’s name Chrisanthi. The meaning of her name is significant to our brand as it means gold flowers. The brand evolved into beautiful headpeices and accessories for children. It also took flight to include headpeices for women as well. We create magical peices for women and children. The brand keeps growing and evolving. Our peices can also be seen on runway as well as in magazines. Read more>>

Unique Matthews | Plant-Based Chef/Nutritionist, Founder of Eat Inn Cheat, and A Creator

As a Plant-based Chef/nutritionist, I wanted to teach people that look like me the importance of eating healthy and knowing that eating healthy is a lifestyle and not a diet. Read more>>


It was realized that many leagues in Atlanta thought about their pockets as opposed to their players. . While the cost to play increased, the player experience remained the same or decreased. RISE was created to change that narrative. With every change, the players come first. Read more>>