Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Dara Tice | Photographer

After my father passed in 2020 I realized how few pictures I had of him. My opportunity to capture my relationship with my father had passed but I knew I could help others not miss their chance to have heirloom photography for themselves. I have always loved photography and wanted my passion to become my career. Read more>>

Randall Sinflorant | CEO & Founder

Well, for as long as I could remember I always wanted to start a business. I wanted to create something that gave back to God. Something with depth and something that everyone could relate with. My last name is Sinflorant and one of the things that stood out is “Sin” so after some failed ideas I stumbled onto Y-SIN hence my brand and I want to get everyone to resonate with “self-reflection is the key to understanding so ask yourself, Y-SIN?! Read more>>

Kelsie Jones | Wedding Photographer

Starting my own business really came about after I inquired with some photographers one Christmas about a family session for my parents. My dad said he wanted portraits of all of us so I was going to make that happen. When I started to inquire with different photographers, I was getting these VERY large numbers back. It really upset me that family photos were almost unattainable for most people. Read more>>

Denyia Clay | Hair stylist/Entrepeneur

My thought behind starting my own business was to create a natural hair care product line for a woman of color. When I first started, I began creating products in my kitchen—mixing up different ingredients from other hair care lines that were trending at that time. I began to mix multiple products because one product wasn’t enough for my hair type. Read more>> 

Dre P. | CEO of Fly Guy Entertainment Co. & Mudd Made Manufacturing LLC

To be self made. An octopus, 8 hands on everything. Multi faceted hustles. The average millionaire has 7 businesses, I knew I needed atleast 7 to have the life I always envisioned. The fly lyfe, it was always in me. That’s how I was going to make out the mud and feed my family. Read more>>

Brian B-Rock” Adams | Mobile DJ”

I used to be an elementary PE teacher and I knew I would not retire as a teacher so when we had our second child we were looking around at childcare options and found that it is very expensive to have someone look after your child. I started thinking if there was a way I could be a stay at home dad, Read more>>

Cliphosha Ravenel | Best Makeup Artist

My thought process behind starting my own business was how could I make a difference in my community. I’ve always had a love for being a makeup artist and I have the talent as well. I went back and fourth with the idea because it was so many people in my area doing the same thing, that I wanted to do. Read more>>

Erica Ticking | Tutor Bae: Educator and Etiquette Consultant

Initially my thought process was centered solely around helping kids with reading. Eventually, it morphed into such much more! What’s known now as Up-GradEDU, was formally known as Supplemental Learning-Birmingham when I began 6.5 years ago. One day while I was subbing for a local school, I noticed that second graders were struggling with the basics. Read more>>

Natalie Taylor | Travel Expert

I wanted to help people explore the world at a reasonable cost on their terms. A lot of people think that certain destinations are out of their reach or that its too expensive and I wanted to make it possible for them to go everything they want to go. Read more>>

Carmen McCollum | Mother, Business Owner, and MIS graduate

To me, it’s the importance of building a legacy. I wanted to build a future for my daughter. I’ve always told my daughter that you have to have a “hustle” mindset. If life ever gets hard, you will always survive. Read more>>

Alisha Miles | Creative Consultant & Visual Communicator

All businesses face challenges when they start, usually from not properly planning, but also from not taking advantage of bridging their services with a unique brand. Most small, new businesses are created off of mere passion and drive, and never discover what it means to market and understand their audience. Read more>>

Stephany Moore | CEO

My thought process behind started my own business was a lot of years I help build a million dollar corporate. I felt like working for other people and corporations was not utilizing my skills mindset and hustle. I started my own business because I feel like if I use the drive that I use for other people that it would be beneficial to me. I want to do something I enjoy so it’s not a job. Read more>>

Robin Wingz | Director of Marketing & Event Producer

When I originally graduated from college it was hard finding a position in my field as a communication major. My first career after graduating was in Construction (Project Coordinator) which I learned everything about that industry from my previous employer. Construction was ok, the money was there, but my passion was music, entertainment, event planning and networking. Read more>>

Frank Jackson | Restaurant Owner

Wow! You know initially I just wanted to create something that stood out and broke all boundaries. I wanted to create something where not just me, but the world can let their imaginations run free and we did just that through food . Read more>>

Dr. Latrice Bonner | Owner, Ph.D., M.B.A., M.A.

Since childhood, I have always found myself interested in beauty, health and wellness. I became my journey as a licensed cosmetologist when I was 18 years old. Now, 16 years later I am continuing to add to that foundation of knowledge and expertise. Over the years I have experienced several life changing events, especially during my active duty career in the Army, Read more>>

Adrienne Sienkowski | IMAGE Studios – Alpharetta, Owner

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My great-grandfather opened a small community grocery store during the Great Depression in Hartsville, South Carolina. My grandfather started a USDA-approved meat processing plant and organic farm during the height of the Civil Rights era. His company, Lynn’s Meats, went on to become one of the first 8(a) certified businesses in South Carolina. Read more>> 

Jessica Ream | Painter + Bookmaker

I have always been drawn to the arts – for as long as I can remember and always had hopes of making it into a career. While I explored a number of other options in my twenties, I was still constantly painting or drawing and working on building my portfolio. Then, when I was 27, my father passed. Read more>>

LaShone Hutchinson | Certified Relationship & Life Coach, CEO of Life Coach LaShone

My thought process behind starting my own business was my passion for being able to help women and couples achieve healthier relationships through effective conflict resolution and communication skills. As a Certified Relationship and Life Coach, on top of being in a long-term relationship, they have given me so many nuggets to help others achieve the love life they desire. As we all know, no relationship is perfect, but my hope is you find someone perfect for you. Read more>> 

Toyin Meghoma | Stylist and Content Creator

I’ve always viewed and carried myself as a brand- my younger self has always been acutely conscious that my decisions and actions needed to contribute to the ultimate narrative of my future self. Above that, I’ve always had a “passion for fashion,” and from being an avid fan of shows like Fashion Police and Project Runway, I grew to learn that personal style supersedes fashion trends any day. Read more>>