A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Regina Sewell | Personal and Spiritual Development Coach and Counselor

I am inspired by nature. The Sun, the heat, rain, earth, air, and water. Elements of our world that show up in different forms. They continue to reflect the many ways we can create, construct, and re-create our lives. Elements of our world that show up in different forms, teach me how to be flexible, steadfast, and grounded all at once. It also re-minds me of my hueman nature and the connections I have to this world. Read more>>

Ebony Mckennedy | Photographer

I’m inspired by influencers who are able to teach their teachings to other people around the world by sharing their experiences and how they are able to make it this far successful. Read more>>

Kathy Ellis | Cross-cultural Communication Trainer, Language Coach, and a Published & Awarded Poet

I am inspired by helping others, especially in the complex fields of cross-cultural and language communication. I am a sociologist, curious, a deep thinker, and adventurous by nature. Because I have always worked with internationals all my career life, spent ten years residing in six countries and then traveled to many more countries, I add these experiences and insights to help our internationals in the USA and to help Americans live abroad or work more effectivity in cross-cultural teams. I know the overwhelming but exciting feeling of living in another country so my empathy is real for others. We learn so much about ourselves and about people across the globe. I was born in small town, USA with little diversity. I was a high school exchange student to The Netherlands and through this awesome experience and a steep learning curve, I was smitten when I learned that there was a whole world out there to explore. Read more>>

Joshua Spencer | Owner of 1 God Tees

I am inspired by God and serving others. I firmly believe that God is the source of all things and that our purpose on this earth, is to serve one another. I do this by being available and attentive to the needs of those I come in contact with. In addition, I try my best to maintain a positive demeanor and volunteer my time, talent, and support to the church, my family, friends and those in need. My motto in life is to “move in purpose, on purpose”. It is such a gratifying feeling to know that something I did for someone, and sharing the word of God could impact their lives and generations to come. These things are the foundation on which my faith-based apparel business 1 God Tees, LLC exists. Its purpose is to create encouraging messages that will inspire others, spread positivity, and share the spirit/word of God one t-shirt at a time. Read more>>

Sara Stewart | Family Photographer

I get inspired by tiny nuanced moments. For example, my son has a certain smile where a tiny dimple appears. It only happens when he smiles a certain way and I wonder how long it will last. Will he still have that dimple when he is an adult? I feel a desperate need in my bones to capture that smile. I know other parents feel that same need to freeze moments in time. The way a daughter looks at her daddy, when a child buries their face in their mother’s neck and feels at home, that is where I find true inspiration. Those moments keep me grabbing my camera day after day, not only for my family, but for every single on of my clients. Read more>>

Bryan Terry Snell | Actor, Filmmaker, Behavioral Therapist

I’m inspired by my dreams. My thoughts & dreams really push me to the next level. Regardless of what the goal is: physical shape, health goal, career goals, etc. I imagine in my head what I want my life to look like, my career, my body, relationship, etc, and I go for that. I get inspired by others as well or course, but my thoughts and dreams really drive me to become the best version of myself possible. I know what I want and at the point in my life, I’m working on figuring out how to get it. Read more>>

Hannah Hendricks | Artist

My inspirations comes in waves and is shaped by a variety of things. Right now I’m most inspired by digital aesthetics, bright colors, and recent psychological studies. I’m excited to see what comes from that combination. Read more>>

Shannon Turner | Cake Artist

As an artist who earns a living from what I do, it’s always a dance between the service of providing a product for someone else and the deep pull of creative strings I’m drawn to follow as I am designing and creating. By nature, I am strongly driven by evocative design and art in my work with cakes. From an aesthetic perspective, I want you to feel something in your heart and in your mind when you see my cake for the first time. I love using textures, empty space, light, and color to weave a story. If it stirs something in you, maybe a nuanced memory, something you can’t quite put your finger on, or a combination of feelings, then what has inspired me has caused a new inspiration in you and it’s really a beautiful and impactful moment. Cake is such a powerful centerpiece in our lives. It’s almost always at the heart of some of the most profound moments we’ve all shared. Read more>>

Christie G. Clermont | Visual Artist, Educator and Entrepreneur

I am inspired by many things. I am most inspired by my surroundings, people and music. I love being able to be exposed to different cultures and art. To me, that is what keeps my mind going. I am always going down a rabbit hole when it comes to taking in new information. I thrive off of it. Colors also inspire me. I try to challenge myself to use color more, in different ways and also focus on certain colors at a time. Read more>>

Gina Minyard | Yoga & Meditation Teacher

As a yoga and meditation teacher, I am inspired by personal growth and transformation. I am inspired by the commitment to the path. Both of these practices bring us into what is more real, true, and sane. That is a good thing for sure, but it is not always easy to realign oneself to this ongoing revelation. This has been my process… and to witness that in others keeps me on fire. It takes so much courage and surrender. And yet, it is the only way to be truly content and purposeful. When students share with me their stories of healing and shifting, it always moves me. The product of yoga and meditation is becoming more fully ourselves. Read more>>

Alexej O | Photographer

I am inspired by emotions that I feel and I let those feelings guide me. I have found that my best photo concepts come to me when I am feeling a strong emotion such as heartbreak or loneliness, and I have been able to channel those emotions into my art and create something meaningful that connects on a deep level with others. Read more>>

Francia Siri | Licensed Massage Therapist & Quantum Light Worker

I’m inspired by pure divine free-flowing love. Love is life’s greatest healer and its frequency is present within us and everything around us. I learned that when I infuse love in everything I do I have the ability to create the best possible outcome in alignment with my highest divine purpose. Read more>>

Kim Renner | Screenwriter, Freelance Blogger, & Yoga Instructor

I have three main sources of inspiration, one of which is travel. I love seeing new places, studying unique architecture, and knowing there are many old stories and legends in each piece of history within a city. It makes me imagine the kinds of lives people have in these cities and towns so far away from my own. Seeing all that possibility inspires me to write stories and create new characters. Also, mental health and psychology have become recent sources of inspiration for me. I love placing new connections between my mental health and ways that other people could benefit. Often these ideas actually come to me when I’m practicing yoga. Then, I write about it. The third thing is my relationship. My fiancée is like the yin to my yang–we’re literally different in every single way. Getting to know him and understand how he thinks, seeing the way he wears his heart on his sleeve, and what he stands for inspires me pretty consistently!. Read more>>

Malik Rhasaan | Chef, and Owner of Che Butter Jonez

I am inspired by people and community, and I truly believe that food is the connector that builds both. I’m from Queens NY, the most diverse place in the world, and many of the lessons I’ve learned in life happened through food. That’s absolutely inspirational. Read more>>