A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Jackson Redd | Guitarist/Vocalist For Willess

I think that most of all, we’re inspired by the music that came before us – bands like The Toadies, or The Cars, or Thin Lizzy. We also find inspiration in the people and places around us – you don’t get anywhere in music without being able to derive at least some form of inspiration from your surroundings. Read more>>

WAVEY THE CRE8HER | Multimedia Artivist/ Creator/ Model/ Creative Advisor

As a Mixed Media Artivist, I am inspired to reflect what is not only a reality to me, but a reality to, far too many BIPOC. I am inspired by Melanin. I am inspired by STRONG BLACK WOMXN. I am inspired by Black Love. I am inspired by BIPOC. I am inspired by our strength, our resilience, our rich roots & culture, our accomplishments & what we are constantly contributing to society (art, fashion, music, etc). I am inspired by those using their voice/platforms to: take up space, educate, spread awareness & change the world for the betterment of humanity & mother earth. Read more>>

Janay Cooper | Content Creator & Art Director

It could come across as a cliché thing to say but I’d have to go with anything that involves a heavy focus on music. Music videos, dance routines, performers, regular ol’ mixtapes, and my Spotify, Discover Weekly playlist. I’m a very visual person so with music, I’ve always been able to see the accompanied look, feel, or scene that would go perfectly with a certain piece or song. When watching a dance routine, you can see the way someone interprets music with their body – or how a Beyoncé performance is the experiential expression of sound – even a music video can change someone’s mind about the meaning of a song through one’s choice of theme and concept. I love the freedom of taking something as simple as what you hear and presenting the explanation through a different medium. Read more>>

Karen R. Hilton | Founder, CEO & Chief Vision Caster

I’m most inspired by two groups of people – by the leaders I work with through my retained executive coaching and HR consulting practice, and the professionals and entrepreneurs I serve through my community called Rock Your Vision. Read more>>