A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Shuntrice Smoot | Poet, Mother , Teacher

I am inspired by my life. I’m lifted at the fact that my life can be a creative canvas that produces inspiration for other people. Imagine turning a moment of turmoil to inspiration for someone currently in the place that you were once in. Think about the worse of the worse that can happen to someone. Think divorce, think welfare, think multiple miscarriages, all of those are multiple milestones I have experienced in my life. I call them milestone because in their own right growth was generated. I’m no fool, I know that none of that feels good because I have lived it. I also know that someone else can benefit from me having to live I those tough moments whether it felt good or not. Creativity gives me room to paint a picture of victory and triumph all in one piece. It allows me to do that however I choose. It allows me to create beauty out of something ugly. We are always taught to find the bright side, but we are not taught that the bright side is right there in the moment and that we don’t have to go looking for it. Read more>>

Deonna Janone | Artist

My answer is unapologetically unoriginal. Truth and beauty. In different seasons within the cycle of my studio practice – I feel the urgency of one more than the other. Read more>>

Danner Washburn | Human Being

There’s lot out there that inspires me. As of late, the muse has found me during intentional walks around my neighborhood, reading a completely disparate assortment of books, and consciously observing my domestic space. Read more>>