There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Jordyn Simmons | Photographer

The most important factor behind my success and my brand is to make others happy once they leave my workspace as well as making sure I improve my work every client I have. I make a goal for myself every time I have a photoshoot so that I have something to accomplish besides just clicking a photo. Being a photographer takes so much more than just clicking a button. I believe that it is important for me to meet so many great creative individuals, be able to learn something while working, creating beautiful content, making my clients smile, and also critiquing my skills. Read more>>

Princess Em | Designer & CEO of Akifit Active

The most important factor behind my brand is how Akifit Active began. As a young black single mother, i definitely had some trials that taught me the true meaning of faith and endurance. At the age of twenty, i overcame a four car accident, losing my home and living in my car with my son because i did not have enough money to get a hotel. i worked two jobs while battling with depression and suicide for a year which caused me to be diagnosed with hormonal imbalance. Because at such a young age and dealing with so much, I was angry with God. Read more>>

David Quinn | CEO & Head Photographer

Easy, my wife is the reason. I never had the desire of being a photographer. I mean I love art, music, and writing. She was unhappy with the overpriced photo sessions and wanted to know why can’t there be someone for those that work hard for their check. Seeing her cry made me vow to not let that happen again. The name, the confidence, and the brand great from a vow to help the families that live paycheck to paycheck, rather than empty their pockets and have them wondering if they have enough for gas. Read more>>

Abra Lee | Reigning hype woman of Black Garden History

Putting deep thought and execution into the oral, written, and visual storytelling experience we curate for the community and clients we serve. Everything in the business is rooted in symbolism and meaning. From the name of the company “Conquer The Soil” to the colors used in presentations it is all influenced by the history and art of horticulture. That is our north star and guides all of the decisions that we make. Read more>>

Jasmine | Founder

Quality! I will not sell anything I wouldn’t use on myself, my mother, or my daughter. Whipped Scents is passionate about our commitment to high-quality and effective products made from natural and organic sources. Non-toxic bath and body care made with plant-derived sources. Read more>>

Taylor Handte Satterfield | Photographer + Master Cosmetologist

I believe the most important factor behind me getting to where I am today is just being myself. I think for so long I tried to fit a mold of what I thought I should be. I should be on, all the time, I should be super happy and overly peppy about everything. I felt like I had to make everything sunshine, constantly, but that isn’t real. That isn’t me. I started to share more of things that were challenging, things I struggled with, things that weren’t all dressed up. Read more>>

De’Andre Square | Stylist & Personal shopper & client Advisor at Louis Vuitton

My obsession with my craft And wanting more knowledge everyday. Read more>>

Latoya Knowling | Boutique owner

Quality a different look and i ensure satisfaction Read more>>

Kari Massey | Photographer

The ability to be able to remain myself not lose myself and take care of myself is one of the most biggest factors to being successful in my eyes. To keep having success, you have to constantly adapt and evolve. A part of that is wanting the success more than you want air. Constantly working on your craft to better improve it. Read more>>

Corsica Long | Nurse and mompreneur

To have a successful business is the ultimate goal for me because I’m trying to gain generational wealth. When I started my businesses, I thought about the long haul, I wanted to leave behind something for my son and nephew to fall back on, to take over. Nothings like generational wealth that can be passed down from generations to generations. Read more>>

Kimberly Abad | Author and CEO

The most important factor behind my success is my faith in God. I know, beyond a doubt that God placed inside of me the gift to help others. This has been demonstrated through my book “Dear Black Girl” as well as my tutoring company “Tutoring Matters.” With these two happening simultaneously, they have been successful and I am certain it’s because of my obedience and willingness to do the work and see it through. Read more>>

Belinda Vickerson | Women’s Portrait and Branding Photographer

In the beginning of my photography business I was shooting a bit of everything. Really exploring all the different aspects of photography and of my creativity. But my business and my brand really started to grow when I began to narrow down my target market. This gave my business a direction and a focus. It allowed my to build a customer profile so I could easily identify and attract the best client for my business model. Once I could identify this client, I could build an entire experience just for them. This focus allows me to overserve my market and create a service and work that wows. Read more>>

Natalie Lee Martin | Legacy Mindset Coach & Author

The most important factor behind my success is my commitment to being a lifelong learner. I have been an educator (middle and high school math teacher/tutor) for almost 20 years, and although concepts and principles don’t change very much, methods do. The way in which people consume information changes with each generation. I have come to realize that organizations, businesses, or brands that are not willing to adapt to change usually do not last beyond their generation. Read more>>

Dr. LaWanda Hill | Licensed Psychologist & Consultant

I firmly believe that the most important factor behind success if defining it for yourself and by yourself. That’s such a critical starting point. Otherwise you aren’t grounded in your truth, rather other’s version of it. And that’s a sure way to failure. So for me, success starts with me sitting with myself to identity what it looks and feels like for me and then radically pursuing it! Read more>>

Lauren Williams-Batiste | Wellness Enthusiast & Consultant

Continuing the legacy of entrepreneurship is one of my biggest driving forces. Elle’s Elixirs is a manifestation of my great-grandmother’s legacy and commitment to self-determination. My daughter, Ada Elle, is named after my great-grandmother who rose from humble beginnings but dedicated her life to family, civic leadership and entrepreneurship in the North community. Read more>>

Samantha & Lya Whitlow & Kimbrough | Personal Romance Concierge

Right now our business is a two-woman show (two mothers at that) with full-time jobs and daughters to raise and through all of the other responsibilities the one thing that has kept us “successful” is our love for LOVE. It is shown with how we work with our clients to how we set up their experiences, we both love what we do, and we both love to see our clients happy in the end. Love is more than a feeling between people it’s an action that shows and with our experiences we help our couples to take that action to not only maintain the love between them but to show them a way to help flourish that love in other ways. Read more>>

Amy Cobb | Artist & Creative Partner

I have always had my hands in art. Art Education was my major. The process of creating art to express ones thoughts has been my passion- to nurture in others and to find a way to illustrate my own meditations. The most important factor in my work was coming to the realization that I had something to say-and it was critical for me to speak it. People needed to hear it. My company is called Creative Partners. Read more>>

Tamara Anderson | Speech Language Pathologist, Education Specialist & Consultant, Diversity & Equity Advocate

I started my speech/language therapy business to positively impact the lives of children and families. One of the most important factors behind my success is my dedication to providing quality services in the metro Atlanta and online community. I truly care about the well being of others. I desire for those that receive speech/language services and purchase speech/language therapy materials to know that they are supporting a small business that is committed to enriching the lives of special needs children and families. Read more>>

DJ I Rock Jesus | Gospel Dj

The most important factor behind my success is my faith in God trusting him in every direction I go and treat people with respect and hard work. Learning every day. The success behind my brand I have to say my late wife Renee I made a promise before she died that I will not stop and remember to treat people with respect and remain humble and the 2nd part is continuing to listen to God and make my decision about my brand to God before I make them Read more>>

D.Richard Merritt | Strategy Consultant

The most important factor behind my success is that I strive to keep a servant’s heart in every aspect of the work I do. Growing up as a teacher’s kid, I was volunteered for every community event and church activity imaginable. With those forced volunteer moments, the values of giving back, donating your time, and selfless giving were taking root in me. Those values carry with me to this day as I work with artists and creatives to bring their visions to reality. Read more>>

T.C. Womack | Personal Trainer & Real Estate Investor & Clothing Brand Onwer

The most important factor is the level of faith and focus it takes to build a brand during a pandemic as well as the mindset that failure is not a option because too many people depend on me. Read more>>

Shantis B. Moore | Queen at all Times

One word. Balance. I truly believe that one of the major keys to life is living a life of balance. Living a life of balance means that you are not neglecting any of the many facets of who you are. Let me simplify it with an example. I have a belief in a system that I refer to as “The Hour of Power”.  Read more>>