We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Jasmine Miller | Staffing Associate| Interior Stylist & Lifestyle Influencer

Habits that have helped me to succeed would be the ability to over plan/overdo. Whenever I have a goal in mind I am super determined. I will wake up early and stay late until the goal I have in mind is obtained. I don’t focus on the what-ifs, but I focus on the outcome, the bigger picture, and the joy I will feel once I’ve accomplished a goal. Read more>>

Tyler Okito | Fashion Designer/Creative Director

Definitely being consistent. No matter the speed if you can consistently learn and get better in any field I feel you will be successful. Initially my brand wasn’t much outside of a few tshirts but I knew I wanted more and everyday I was focused on making better pieces and growing the brand and the business. Read more>> 

Jeddie Carnes | Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist can be very challenging at times, especially owning your own business. It’s generally a rough path in the beginning but the more you commit to the work the easier it becomes. Read more>>

Elliott Hall | CEO & Co-Owner Fire Maker Brewing

I’m thankful to have worked hard over the years to develop consistent habits that I believe help make sure I stay focused throughout the day and month. I try to wake up early every morning and meditate and exercise. Read more>>

F.A.B.L.E (Chris Horace) | Musician / Rapper

I’ve always had a nasty habit to hyper-fixate on random tasks. It used to really hinder my progress in school and other activities. As a musician, however, I’ve been able to turn that habit into a useful tool. Read more>>

Kayla Reese | Ministry Leader & Therapist

I had to develop a habit of having self-discipline and self-control. I was so comfortable with others managing my life that I moved from their acceptance and move to independency. In order or me to have more I have to control the life and manage the dysfunction and turn it into destiny. Read more>>

Seth Barmash | Music Producer, DJ, Blogger, Podcaster

Consistency is key! Read more>>