We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Mike Henley Henley | CEO & Co-Founder of Black Alum, LLC.

Black Alum is all about celebrating black achievement and honoring those that have paved the way and continue to excel in all areas from business, entrepreneurship, sports and entertainment, academia, trade and more. Black Alum seeks to highlight the many roads to success and uplifting of the black community. Our brand shines a light on black faces, in all spaces doing what we have always done as a people: persevering and prospering against all odds. Read more>>

THE LAST LYRICIST | Artist/Lyrcist

When I became an artist I knew my mission was much bigger than just making music. I knew my mission was to help the world by making music that people can really relate to rather its emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. My music helps people know that there not alone. When someone is say angry they listen to one of my songs and it helps them get into a better mood or make them feel that there not the only one going through whatever emotion there feeling at the time. I make songs that other artist fear to make but at the same time its songs that everybody is feeling at some point when there angry, sad, depressed, etc. Read more>>

Marvin and Samantha Minott | Owners of Sankofayah

Our motto is Return and Build, this is inspired by the Sankofa bird from Ghana. This mythical bird represents the idea of going back to your roots, and taking it with you as you go on your journey in life. We have chosen to use this same concept in our business by re-introducing cultural practices, norms, and proverbial sayings in the black community as an effort to reconnect one severed ties to a rich Ancient history. Read more>>

Brandi Kaepplinger | Massage Therapist, Entrepreneur

Wildflower Wellness is a business that emphasizes safe, ethical, therapeutic massage therapy. My first and last goal for every client we see a Wildflower Wellness is to create a safe space for healing and injury prevention. I have seen first-hand how devastating chronic pain can be for people and their families, mine included. Sometimes, the pain can be caused by injury, stress or anxiety. It can even be caused by a physical manifestation of depression. Read more>>

Cheri Denise | Event Planning, Event & Floral Design

I have the power to change a person or couples vision of their celebration into a dream event that they will remember for the rest of their life. Creating a guest experience that stirs up genuine emotions, happiness, sharing with others, laughter and love amongst friends and family is always good for the community as a whole. We focus on making the guest experience exceptional while providing exceptional service. This generates good news and vibes for the young and old. This also generates conversation and excitement. Celebrating small and big wins, weddings, life milestones, birthdays, etc. is always well received. Intimate celebrations are always well received. People can share their memories forever. Read more>>

Tevin Kelly | Atlanta Swish Founder

It Actually helps both because the kids apart of the program are the future leaders of the world. We impact the community in various way such as volunteering, Nutrition education , fund raisers, clinics, holiday drives, etc. With the goal of making an impact and empowering others. Read more>>

Alexis Evans | Owner

Boss Talk Expo annual events and community involvement has impacted hundreds of people. Our networking, workshops, and community involvement give the people an eye opener to the resources that they believe are unobtainable to them, We’ve shown so many people by nationally connecting with other demographics other than locally will bring them the exposure to monetary family assistance, government contracts, investors, partnerships and so much more, Read more>>