We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Rachel Carson | Founder & CEO of HERillestlife, Inc

HERillestlife, Inc is a non-profit organization that was created to be a safe space that educates, encourages, empowers & elevates black female chronic illness warriors, regardless of ability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. The organization’s purpose is to create an inclusive community while reimagining what it means to be ill. Read more>>

Schylr Walker | Makeup Artist & Brow Technician

As a service provider in the beauty industry , I am surrounded around women of different backgrounds. Being a makeup artist allows me to connect with each and every one of my clients on an intimate level of understanding how it’s like being a woman in today’s society. Everyone wants to feel beautiful in their own skin, wants to enjoy a weekend out after working 40+ hours a week, wants to be able to unwind and feel that boost of confidence after leaving my chair. My goal is to make sure all of my clients, new and returning, have a unforgettable makeup experience when booking an appointment with me. Read more>>

Katie Wires | Antiracist Advocate

Our goal is to equip and encourage white pastors and church leaders to become antiracism advocates within the body of Christ and their communities. In his inaugural video for “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” author and former NFL player, Emmanual Acho, said, “If white people are your problem, I believe only white people can be your solution.” At The Reconciliation Group, we strive to be part of the solution. We desire to see the Church become a leader once again in the pursuit of justice and compassion around the world. We are here to work within the white Church, to dismantle racial biases and pursue radical empathy. Read more>>

Christian Wise Smith | Candidate for Georgia Attorney General

Currently, I’m running for Georgia Attorney General. I believe in the basic promise that our country was built on—that God created all people equal and that justice and opportunity should exist for everyone. But I also know that right now in Georgia we aren’t doing enough to live up to that promise and that for too many Georgians, the justice system has been profoundly unjust. Read more>>

Jasano Brooks | Founder of Opya Studios & Creative director

Opya Studios was started with the young, amateur, new creative in mind. I’ve been the new guy on the block. It’s hard to entice new clients when you can’t even afford the expensive studios. That’s why I try and offer a full experience to my clients so they have the best chance to grow their business. I make the barrier to entry very accessible for sure In addition, Opya is a lifestyle. From the aesthetic, to the inviting space. I love providing a place that makes others want to create Read more>>

Jatia Amour Sanchez | Pro Makeup Artist , Beauty Advisor & Custom Blend Specialist

The mission statement of Looks by Jatia Amour, LLC is “Empowering Women Through Beauty and Self care.” I made this my mission in 2020 when many women, including myself, felt the pressure of being caretakers on a new level. Women are often taught not to prioritize themselves or their needs. Even if it’s not spoken it can be an undertone with how we were socialized. We are groomed as caretakers, but often not taught ways to care for ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally which leads to us feeling drained and sometimes unappreciated. Read more>>

Jasmine Moore | Business Owner & Spiritual Advisor

When it comes to community consciousness, Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC provides access to a virtually safe space and credit human resource to assist in their Spiritual, mental, emotional, personal, and professional growth and development . Through affordable services, courses, membership, consultations, and blog content I share information, resources, guidance, and tools to benefit the overall progression of the world. It is easier to maintain your social status, consciousness, and lifestyle when information, access, and tools are available. Read more>>

Tammi Vaughn | Health Coach & Queen of Comfort Camping

As a minister, health coach, corporate leader, empath, reiki practitioner, author avid nature lover, and camper I founded Itt8ksavillage, LLC with the ultimate of goal of being my clients health and wellness partner to GREATER! Leveraging my skills, experience, and training I developed an all-inclusive tent camping retreat to help people (re)connect with nature and themselves by providing a safe, green, comfortable space and process to reach a level of clarity in their lives. Studies show the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of spending time in nature. Read more>>

Joyce O’Neal | Holistic Coach and Juice Therapist

Scripture says “People are destroyed from lack of knowledge”; Hosea 4:6, from that perspective and my approach, I believe social impact by measure isn’t measurable as it applies to the unmet range regarding wisdom and knowledge associative to the root cause of conditions that lead to sickness and disease. When people have ongoing medical issues to no resolution, but increased Dr. Visits, more prescriptions that’s the open door for Holystic You to engage. The wisdom, insight and knowledge I bring to the home front, encourages, empowers and motivates clients to take a deeper look into why? Read more>>

Beania Tanae | Singer/Songwriter

I feel my music can help impact society because communication seems to be a lost art in this generation. With technology thriving, simple joys such as love and peace seem harder to grasp. People don’t know how to use their words anymore. Music, I feel, helps them be able to express things they might not otherwise be able to. It helps them feel things maybe they didn’t know they could feel. It’s just so magical to me… how the right song can really change everything.‘ Read more>>

Robert and Anisiha Nyarotho | 365 Degree Interior Architect and Builder

Greetings! Thank you for this opportunity to share with you how our business impacts the world around us. We truly believe that when our beings experience something beautiful its transformative to the soul. So our hope is that every person that works with us experiences this “oh my God this is so beautiful” moment; because we believe that at that moment, the soul is experiencing a little bit of heaven while here on earth AND actually praising God for it! Additionally, we believe that when the heart experiences such beauty, it softens the heart and the receiver of such gift passes beauty forward in some form or another. Read more>>

Cez Champagne | Owner & Trainer | NuMentality Fitness & Training LLC

NuMentality Fitness & Training LLC has helped my community by building a connection with children and parents. Providing training services to help kids understand their strengths has allowed them to build their confidence and gain so much recognition from other sectors of the community because of their success. I have worked with high school teams that has won state championships for the first time in school history. I am very excited to see these kids prosper not only on the playing field but also in the classroom. Read more>>