We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Kunle Owolabi | Creative Director

Our business is based on creating more resources and tools for black creatives and black entrepreneurs. We believe that creativity is an undervalued skillset and our focus is connecting that skillset with sustainability. More specifically, we believe in strengthening the black community by creating and providing opportunities that make not fit in the the traditional pathway to success. Read more>>

Folami Geter | Chef and Owner

I am the owner of A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen in Columbia, SC. We’re a 100% Plant-Based Southern Comfort Food Cafe in the heart of the South. We offer delicious alternatives to your favorite conventional dishes. Read more>>

Brandon Holmes | Entrepreneur

Our goal isn’t just focused on selling clothing; but a mindset. We’re aiming to unlock a future of possibilities for our people. The experience is priceless. The hoodie is an added bonus when you shop. Read more>>

Nadia Lynn | Motivational Speaker & Influencer

Lead By Motivation was created to uplift individuals in my community by being a open outlet for those who struggle with various obstacles through life. Lead By Motivation encourages others to walk in their purpose. We drive people towards their goals and push them to accomplish their desired tasks. My business gives the community an opportunity to tell their story, because everyone has a story to tell..big or small it all matters. Understanding that many people in the world might be going through a tough time with a simular obstacle. There’s people that already been through what you’re currently going through, that can support you. Lead By Motivation allows people to speak freely about real life obstacles and lessons. Read more>>

Anne-Lyse Wealth | Storyteller and Wealth Educator | Founder of ALW Agency

I started my first business, Dream of Legacy to share time tested wealth building strategies to help people in the Black Community build wealth and shrink the wealth gap. Story telling is an integral part of what I do, whether it is through the publications I write for, my podcast, or the clients that I work with. By sharing stories of people from the community who overcame adversity to build wealth, but more specifically the strategies they used to do so, my goal is to inspire at least one person to take action and build the wealthy life they deserve. Read more>>

Cameron Jay | Creator, Host, Writer, at Classic City Crime Podcast

When I started Classic City Crime Podcast, I always wanted it to be more than “just another true crime podcast.” I desired not only to create community and conversations surrounding the events of our city’s past as it relates to crime, but to also give victims a voice in the genre. What I found was that people were looking for something to be a part of, and that members of the community had long been looking for an outlet to seek justice in the 40 unsolved homicides in Athens-Clarke County. Read more>>

Sasha Friedman | Actor/Owner and Artistic Director of Authenticity Theater

Authenticity Theater’s mission is to use the art of theater to break stigma of social issues like mental illness, addiction, and domestic and sexual abuse. Shows are chosen with these issues, We are also choosing organizations to donate proceeds from each show, For example, if the show deals with mental illness then we will find an organization that helps people with mental illness. Read more>>

Mariya Aurya El | Style Cosmologist | Family Constellations Facilitator

My business helps the world by addressing systemic illness within family systems and organizations for the ultimate purpose of unity. I do this through the use of Family & Systemic Constellations. Family & Systemic Constellations is energy work for human systems. It’s a beautiful way of working with issues stemming from energetic blocks within family systems or organizational systems. Family & Systemic Constellations disclose the deeper forces and loyalties that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences through multiple generations. Read more>>

Blak Pantha | Ki.môyo ( Afrikan Spirituality) Specialist

First, let me state that my business primary function is Afrikology. Afrikology Aka Africana studies, black studies, and AfrIkan American studies is a multidisciplinary study of the histories, politics, and cultures of people of AfrIkan origin both in Afrika in the diaspora. The course is designed to introduce an Afrocentricity perspective in clouding phenomena and culture. This course grew out of academia and rebellions of students looking for a scholarship change in universities. Read more>>