We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Dr. Jamilah Jones, LAC, NCC Dr. Erika Hill, LPC, NCC | Licensed Mental Health Therapists, Authors, and Consultants

S.T.E.P.S. Counseling & Consulting, Inc. consists of two licensed therapists who are also consultants and self-published authors. We use our platforms and products to promote mental health awareness. Our platforms and products include our counseling-based workshops, book, greeting cards, apparel, social media, and individual counseling sessions with our clients. As black women, we grew up observing mental health being looked down upon in our communities. We are both passionate about breaking the stigma and raising awareness so more people will #SayYesToCounseling. Read more>>

Megan Gillespie | Therapist

I help women heal, so they can show up and have deeper connections with the important people in their lives. When you really boil it down, everything comes back to love. We are wired for connection and belonging and desperately want to feel worthy and valued in our relationships. What I see over and over again in my practice is women abandoning themselves and their values in order to gain love and approval from others. To be connected to others we have to first be connected to who we are. I help women develop self-awareness and learn how to stay grounded in who they are so they can have the relationships they want. Read more>>

Erin Haley | Podcast Creator & Climate Activist

There is so much overwhelm about climate change, and we often hear about scientific data and the negative impacts of human activities on the planet that have lead us into this crisis. It can be very easy to shut down. But in 2019, I started traveling around and meeting conservationists who are helping animals and the environment, and noticed that they all come from different backgrounds and have different skillsets. Read more>>

Marlene Moore | President/CEO, Moore Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc & COVID-19 Testing

We started Moore Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. out of sheer necessity. At the start of the pandemic, there were very few testing facilities and if you could find one, the time it took to get test results could be up to 2 weeks. With the rapid spread of the virus, growing death tolls and increased restriction placed on travelers and different industries, people needed a testing facility that could perform the test in-house and provide more expedient results. Even with the vaccine and due to the high mutation rate of the virus, there is only one way to know if you have COVID-19 and that’s to get tested. Read more>>

Stephanie Gray | Author | Love Coach | Host & Speaker

My business and my brand is all about walking in my life’s purpose; to help people heal their hearts and find healthy love. From my publishing company, to the books I’ve authored, to my individual, couples, and group love coaching service, to my monthly live Cocktails & Conversation event series, to my upcoming weekly talk show the mission, vision, and ethos of the brand is helping people heal and find the highest and best version of love they’ve ever know. I’ve done this on many levels in many years of coaching and continue to build this community of healing via social media. Read more>>