Our mission is to help shift the balance of power between big business and small business in favor of small business, so we’re often trying to get conversations going around topics that affect small business. One area where small businesses are potentially at a disadvantage is technology because so many tech companies are focused on “enterprise” level tech solutions that are out of reach for many small business owners. Our hope with this piece is to get a conversation started around tech and small business, so we asked local entrepreneurs about the role tech plays in their business.

Levi Harrell | Pastor | Best Selling Author | Editor-In-Chief Of Plastiq Magazine | Coach

Technology plays a major role in my business simply because that is what’s currently driving our world. For the most part, a lot of my clients or speaking requests come from people who have already seen me in action. However, there are still those who have only seen me via media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Facebook live. Etc. I also have a Podcast called “Strat.i.jee W/ Levi Harrell that can be found on apple (iPhone) platforms, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and so many other outlets. I am also an author of two #1 Amazon best selling books. I mention that because for my E-book readers they read it digitally which of course, apart of technology. Read more>>

Alicia Igess Jones | Hair Stylist and Salon Owner

Technology has played a role in how I schedule appointments. This system has automated this process for me allowing clients to book an appointment outside of business hours. Technology has also played a role in our products. The cosmetology industry has improved tremendously and continues to thrive as a result of science and technology. Read more>>

Jerry Myers | President and CEO of IN THE DOOR

Technology is becoming increasingly more important in my business as it has shifted the world even more due to Covid-19. My company provides workforce development services and training for 21% of Georgia. We help operate One-Stop Career Centers alongside other organizations such as the Georgia Department of Labor, Job Corp, Senior Community Service Training Program, Technical Colleges, and other entities. Our focus is to help connect job seekers, those who need housing or utility assistance, dislocated workers, and youth to resources that provide them career and economic mobility. Read more>>