We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Kardo Santana | Producer, Songwriter and Recording Artist

When it comes to taking a risk, there’s a quote I live by. J. Cole once asked, “If you scared to take a chance, how we gone get rich?” I remember hearing that and thinking to myself, “He’s right.” Most times in life, we play it safe. As I sit here and think about my life and my career, in many scenarios, I played it safe and it hindered me from excelling in many areas. I realized that being still and being stagnant are two different things. To make progress, you have to go through and process, and in most cases, taking risks, no matter what you fear the outcome will be, will serve you greatly. Just remember you’re going to win some and lose some but do not fear mistakes because there are none. Read more>>

Maxime Hue | Brand & Web Strategist

You know, it’s funny, I grew up fearing any step that was outside of the straight and narrow. I never skipped class, missed the school bus, I tried my best at school, I got my Bsc in Public Health, went to intern at the UNDP- everything I was expected and “meant to do”. As time went on though, I realised that I really didn’t love the life I was living but still didn’t feel like I had any options. I felt bad for wanting more. It was actually my husband- boyfriend at the time- who was the catalyst that changed my perspective on risk taking. He kept asking me WHY I couldn’t just explore and pursue what I wanted to do. Every time I told him ” what if it doesn’t work”, he would answer back ” well then nothing but what if it does? “. Read more>>

Keren Treviño | Destination Wedding and Editorial Photographer

Risk taking has been part of my whole journey as a photographer. I went from a full-time college student to fully jumping into photography as soon as I graduated college. I originally went to school for nursing and it was interesting as I was going through the process of it all. I still really enjoy the medical field and I will forever think it is so interesting, but throughout my 4 1/2 years in college, I realized it wasn’t my passion. I remember telling my family and friends about how much I really liked photography, but didn’t know how it would be possible to make a living off it. Read more>>

Asantie Wade | Aspiring Model

I’ve wanted to model for awhile, however, I struggled with confidence, which delayed me pursuing my dream. The risk I took was putting myself out there, and getting myself familiar with the industry. I met lots of different/great people so far, which created opportunities for me to build my portfolio. Read more>>

Marc Bravo | Musician, Model, & Entrepreneur.

Risk-taking has helped me overcome the fear of failure. I’m still human so ofcourse, however I only experience anxiety now rather than fear and anxiety. It’s changed the whole scope of my life because I do anything that makes sense to me without a doubt in my mind. God hasn’t led me astray thus far. Read more>>

Ty Taylor | Apparel Entrepreneur & Influencer

I believe leaps of faith are risks worth taking. In 2020 after much thought and prayer, I decided to take a costly risk. During the global pandemic, at the age of 40, I decided to leave my corporate job of 13 years to become a full-time entrepreneur. I had no clue if I was making the right choice, but I knew I had to do it. I was burned out at my job. I think the. between the pandemic and the stress of the changes that my job was experiencing, I couldn’t continue to risk my happiness and my mental health doing something I grew to hate. . I wanted to continue on my own path, with my own intentions. So with taking that risk my business had to work. Read more>>

Aleczandria Dobson | Hair Extension Specialist

Risks are simultaneously terrifying and necessary. I wouldn’t be where I am today without walking alongside risk for the better part of my adult life. I would love to say that I partner well with the idea of chance, but my last big leap into entrepreneurship was fueled by coffee, a lot of “what-if’ moments, and what sometimes felt like crazed communication between myself and Jesus. Crazed on my end that is. My ability to follow through with risk, comes from my unmatched support system consistently reminding me of my identity. Yay for awesome people in your life who keep you in check on all fronts! Read more>>

Candace Morris | Custom Unit Designer & Hairstylist

I feel as though risks are very essential, yet almost mandatory in life. Risks can be scary, discouraging, and even sacrificial. The thought of just a decision that could potentially knock you forward 10 steps or knock you back 10 steps is a thing that a lot of people don’t want to chance, but when the goal and the dream is bigger than the familiarity of fear and complacency… you’ll risk a lot to make it happen . I’ve taken quite a few risks on this journey i must say! The greatest risk i took lead me to literally where I am right now! I literally quit my 9-5 Job in the beginning stages of a pandemic!! When Jobs were closing down left and right. Read more>>

Kenyada Brown | Entrepreneur & Photographer

I feel that to be successful, especially when building your own creative business or brand taking risk is necessary. I was that person letting fear hold me back from my true creative calling but it took me going through my lowest of times to realize that being afraid to take that leap into this unpredictable world of business and creativity was holding me back beyond measure. Me not looking back and taking the risk of being a self starter saved my life. Read more>>

Beth Mello | Pro Creative Makeup Artist

One very important lesson that I’m still learning is to not hesitate. It’s very easy to criticize yourself and your work, and who needs another critic? Learning to accept that things will never be perfect and that there is always room for improvement makes a world of a difference in this industry. So no more second-guessing, and no more holding back. There’s no chance to discover your true potential that way! Stepping outside your comfort zone can be difficult but it’s what will inevitably fuel your fire. Read more>>

Gian-Carlo Torres | Health & wellness entrepreneur

I remember Elon Musk once mentioned that when he was worth approximately a $1 billion, he decided to reinvest all of it back to his businesses. People told him he was crazy, & he was. But his vision was so strong that he decided to risk it all. Now, he is worth over $200 billion. When I start analyzing my entrepreneurial life, I realize that my greatest successes have been because of risk taking. For example, I started to become an entrepreneur at 19 years old, right after high school, with no money nor business experience. And I decided to go all in. Read more>>

Sillyass Lala | Rap artist

The scary “risk”. I suffer from anxiety. Most of my life everything seemed like a scary risk. As of lately as I grow and heal I can see that “risks” are necessary for growth. It’s only called a “risk” because we cannot for sure calculate the outcome. I have saw so much more growth within myself while taking more risk. I am a mother of 6 risking being ridiculed and “burned at the stake” by society for exploring and embracing my own body and sexuality. I risked everything and received so much backlash. Understanding that peoples perception of me told a story of who they were and had nothing to do with me and my truth. The risky twerking female rapper. I will continue to risk it all to grow and feed my souls life experience. I knew I was growing when I understood that it’s worth every risk and butterfly when you are chasing your dreams. I hope my risk on music will continue to feed my spirit. How can I break these generational curses without taking a risk. Read more>>

Sunny | CEO, Business Advisor, Mentor, Creative Directer, Writer, Musician

I would not be where I am today if I had not taken risks. I believe taking risks exposes who you are and the Greatness you’ve always had deep down inside of you. I decided to start an e-commerce business in the middle of a pandemic with zero knowledge on how to run an online business. Taking risks allowed me to not only become successful in my e-commerce business but to also help others start their businesses through a pandemic. Read more>>

Todd Marcell | Author & Speaker

In any endeavor you have to take risk. I think its how you view it, to view it as a risk means you may take a hit or loss. I view it as an investment but with an investment there is the potential for loss as well. I see risk as an immediate problem that can have immediate consequences but an investment is an long term issue meaning it may pay off over time. I would rather make an investment vs risk. Since we are talking about risk in my line of work as an Author you take risk in the form of maybe having a great deal of inventory of books not sold after you have purchased them or making an marketing investment that didn’t pan out. In hind sight the only way to get your work in front of readers is to take that risk or investment. The key is to try to gain more than you lose. In my experience I have been blessed to gain more attention than not and the key is you have to weigh out the pros and cons or whether or not it will be worth the risk or investment. Second, will it reach my target audience and third will I gain more notoriety. Read more>>

Q The Question | CEO of SKE Records

You have to take risk. It’s simple, as they say no risk, no reward. It was time where I lost thousands of dollars investing in artist but I’ve learned a lot from it. One thing about me, I’m not afraid to roll the dice. The role risk taking played was the wins and losses, but overall I’ve gained knowledge and experience. Read more>>

Kinna LeBlanc | Multidisciplinary Creative

I think about risk in two compartments: “Is it Life or Death?” or “What’s the Worse that Can Happen?”. The probability of dying, in a freak accident, after skydiving is way higher than getting rejected from the dream position I’m after, the project I want to start or the guy I’d like to shoot my shot with. So, I actually like to take risks, because, I mean….What’s the worst that can happen?! Nothing beats a failure than never trying. Read more>>

Te’Asia Williams | Professional Makeup Artist

I used to be scared to take risk (well… I still kinda am) but I mean, isn’t it normal to be a little scared depending on how big the risk could be? Though it can be scary, I’ve learned if you really want to be successful you have to take the risk and BET ON YOURSELF! It’s a game changer for me. Read more>>