We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Gil & Renée Beavers | Relationship Strategies/Mentions

Relationships are the foundation of the human experience. Rich Relationships with Gil&Renée was developed to empower individuals and couples with support,skills and a healthy safe community. This couples mission is to build,repair,and restore,rich healthy families and communities one individual at a time. The Rich Relationships podcast;Speak Freely with Gil&Renée mobile app;Rich Relationships Refuge Virtual Getaways;and their new book Rich Relationships Our Marital Code To Oneness; are Gil&Renee’s solutions to broken homes,and divorce. Remember you are not alone! Please join Rich Relationships with Gil&Renée,and let’s break the silence and grow stronger together. Read more>>

Nivia Jay | Filmmaker

The biggest reward of being a filmmaker is that I get to let the world see my vision and how I see things from my perspective. My films are half about how the world actually is and the other half is how I want the world to be, and that is what makes it interesting and what makes me unique. The world gets to watch my movies for entertainment but they also should be able to learn something from it. Read more>>

Jonathan Rich | Founder & Lead Agent

We like to think that J. Rich Atlanta is in the business of ATLANTA & real estate is just the vehicle we use to conduct that business. The people, the culture, and the opportunity Atlanta has to be a globally influential city is what we’re interested in. So things like equitable housing policy, encouraging strong community based growth our intown neighborhoods, and a buying in fully to the greatest commandment “love your neighbor” are all things we’re fully devoted to. IN addition, early on we launched a campaign called Brilliant! and committed to taking 10% of our top line revenue & donating it to community and global partners who we think are making the world a brighter place to live. Read more>>

Natalie Gullatt | Founder

Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA) is designed to help connect Black Marketers with one another to continue to grow in the marketing industry. When Black Marketers are successful, so is overall society. Black Marketers bring value because our awareness and experience of success. We know what it means to be overlooked and different but we also know how to see the world from other views. Black Marketers are essential to the business arena and society overall which is why BMAA is dedicated to helping them succeed and helping organizations and businesses gain more access to them. One reason it’s important to hire Black Marketers because data has shown that when you have a diverse team, people from different backgrounds, looking different and other things that provide a variety of ideas and areas help spark greater innovation. Read more>>

Randy Ross | Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Craftsman

The name of our company is Remarkable! Remarkable means that you offer a service or a product in such a way that you blow people away; you deliver world-class service; you exceed expectations; you impact people’s lives in such a positive way that when they leave your presence they have an irrepressible desire to talk about you and the difference that you’ve made in their lives. And when others are talking about you, then you indeed have become remarkable. We exist to help organizations create movements of good that can change the world by changing the nature of business. People like to do good business with businesses that do good. We like to call that kind of business “on purpose for profit.” It means that there is an intentional focus on putting “making a difference” above “making a dollar.” Read more>>

Tiffany Marche’ | Health and Wellness Coach, Artist & Spiritual Counselor

Indulge n Art supports the community and has a global impact on the world, as we are offering wellness through ancient healing modalities, artistic healing practices with crystals and stones, and home decor that aligns with spiritual upliftment. We understand that everything in our lives has a direct effect on our lives in one way or the other. We strive to encourage our community that wellness is a lifestyle. The way we think, respond, feel and love are greatly evolving from how well we treat ourselves. Indulge n Art is happy to bring meditation sessions, crystal therapy and energy healing to those who are looking for alternative approaches to feel better. The connection with the community is everything to us. We pour into the community, which in turn pours into us, it’s a beautiful energy exchange that could change the way we see ourselves into our highest potential. Read more>>

Jason Severino | Computer Repair & Specialty Solutions

We’ve committed to offering better prices and personalized services to our community since we began over ten years ago. Our customers are happy to tell their friends and family members that they were able to save money and have a patient, personalized experience instead of feeling rushed at the expensive repair centers and stuck with the big box store prices. Saving our customers money and providing quick and custom solutions has been a major selling point for us, as well as the “R&D” part of Tspherix which while does in include “Research and Development” includes for our customers “Repair and Design”. We’ve built custom gaming machines for gamers, put together bundles for businesses and offered solutions for small business owners as well as everyday casual PC, Mac and Linux users. Read more>>

Ria Story | Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author

I empower women to increase their influence, develop their leadership, and maximize their results. (While I focus my speaking, writing, coaching, and training on women, the same principles apply to men, of course.) This helps the individual, her community, family, work/business, or organization, because when we grow and develop people, they are empowered to become the best version of themselves – and this helps them influence other people more effectively. Leadership is influence – and we all want more influence with the people around us. Think of any time when you were mad or upset and I guarantee you were mad or upset because you wanted to influence the other person in some way and couldn’t. Life gets better when we have more influence because with more influence comes more options and better opportunities. Life is always better when we have more options. Read more>>

Kelley Sibley | Creator of Bamboo

Bamboo strives to make the healthiest and purest juices on the market. Everything is hand bottled, made in small batches and 100% organic to create potent health juices that can truly make a difference in your health. In addition to striving to make a healthy product for our community, we are committed to helping and respecting our precious planet. All of our compost is given back to Serenbe Farms, our bottles are reusable glass and our packaging materials are recyclable. Read more>>

Cyd Prather | Director & Producer

The TINY Theater Company is for the people. Its a company where we all feel equal. The purpose, to create a safe space for black people to create, expand, and imagine. It’s a space for change. Its a space for community. It’s a space where everyone feels at home. The Tiny Theater Company gives a new definition to Black Culture and showcases Black Bodies in a broad spectrum. Thank you for asking. Read more>>

Mel Williams | Relationship Coach

Black Love Recovery is all about cultivating Black Love in our community. As a Black woman I saw constant barriers to having a happy and successful marriage simply because statistics or societal generalizations said my chances of just not being a single mother were slim to none. Black women are highly more likely to stay single for the majority of our lives in comparison to any other race. And I knew I wanted to do something about that, not just for me but for every other Black woman out there. Read more>>