We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Magdalena O’Connor | Founder of Desireline Studios

Desireline Studios mission is to create beauty through the innovative use of steel and reclaimed materials. Read more>>

Zuly Palomino | Artist

This art is a source of income for high Andean families and we also maintain the traditional techniques of this art by dedicating ourselves to making the Retablo Ayacuchano (altarpieces) of Peru in the United States. Read more>>

Omar Wolf” Allison | Owner of Hybrid Garbs and Canadian Soldier”

Hybrid Garbs is a community brand. Our brand is a representation of the GOOD and the BAD in life, which is illustrated through our logo of two WOLVES tied together at their heads. Hybrid Garbs represents the mental fight that we all go through daily. A fight o two wolves within our mind. Read more>>

JacQues Green | Mobile Massage Therapist

You Deserve A Massage ‼️ Today everyone s busier than ever, always having somewhere to be & never having enough time in a day. Read more>>