We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Kyron Rizzo | Rap Artist & Creative

As a 23-year-old nonbinary artist living a queer Black experience – “against all odds,” (though I say that sarcastically) – I create for, and from, my community. I shake the table, as my goal is to bring more queer talent to the forefront: of the creative space, the entertainment industry, the rap game, and culture. As a queer, Black foster kid cycled through nine different homes by the age of five before being adopted, I found solace in art and music very early on. My work speaks from and is for those I share experience and community with. Read more>>

The Well of Roswell Becky Arrington/Donna Futrell | Holistic Healing and Events Center

The Well of Roswell is a Holistic Healing and Events Center focusing on wellness and personal spiritual development offering individual sessions with a host of practitioners, classes, lectures, drumming, workshops and events. By bringing the metaphysical to the mainstream, we are indeed a community based organization. We know that as each person heals from past trauma, illness, etc. whether mental, physical or emotional they in turn are a better, more positive member of society, with the capacity then to give to others. Read more>>

Mausiki Scales | Band Leader & Musician

Through our performances and other community activities , we enlist the power of African and African Diasporic music to heal, sustain and uplift the community. It’s an honor to contribute to the effort to preserve and expand upon this rich legacy. If you’ve been to a Mausiki Scales & Common Ground Collective show, you know that it’s an experience; one that connects people to one another and to the river of culture and energy that brought us here, has sustained us and carries us forward. I believe that makes a difference for individuals, the community and the world. Read more>>

Ais Almahdi | Owner of Sahp group and Director of operations at Five star formula

We have recently adapted to the new norm in our hospitality and restaurant space. During the pandemic we had time to revamp our new approach and address the new issues like staffing shortages which directly effects service standards and ultimately the bottom line. My team and I have reintroduced new training methods to our clients and a different way to turn the new age worker into a top notch service machine. Our new website Fivestarformula.com trains any and all individuals on all aspects of the service industry. We can turn anyone into a professional in our industry in just one week. Read more>>

Celenia Gonzalez | Owner

our company is dedicated to the renovation of kitchens, bathrooms and more. this will add value to your property and you can have a new space Read more>>

Kyle Sanders | Musician

I’ve been a lover of music since my first memories of watching the Johnny Cash Show with my folks. How I remember that I have no idea but it absolutely made an impact on me and for all I know was where it all started. Once playing music took priority over sports in high school the blinders went on and my only focus was to succeed in the music world. Failure was not an option so with equal parts stupidity and dedication here I am. Read more>>

Shane Thaxton | Owner/Project Director

Mystic Relief & Construction was developed to help the public to have a better understanding of indemnity after experiencing a loss. We have designed our business model to help the public recover after experiencing a catastrophic loss. We are here to bridge the gap by educating the public on protecting assets and reducing personal liability. Read more>>

Dohsi | Music Artist/Creative

It is no surprise that music in general has the ability to influence. However, I believe that my music is not only aesthetically (melodically) pleasing but It sparks conversation about very real and unspoken things in music today. I involve a certain level of vulnerability in my music that I feel can speak to people and make them feel like they are not alone. Also I believe my music speaks to those feelings we most times suppress or don’t even know exists. Also the versatility my music brings is able to transcend many different spaces and reach who it needs to. Read more>>

I Am M.O.M | (Mothers of Magnitude)

Our business helps the community and the world by the way we inspire, elevate, empower, support, and celebrate mothers. As creators and nurturers of human life, mothers have the beautiful ability and responsibility to help cultivate love, hope and joy to their children, which creates a trickle down effect to the community and the world. If we can help a mom feel supported and important in her innate calling of motherhood, we’ve done our job! Read more>>

Darren Chambers | Website Design and Digital Marketing Analyst

Transitional web design is about transforming a business idea, dream, or service into a tangible online platform. Many of our clients have come to us with an abstract idea, and we help them turn that idea into a functioning website or online platform. We specialize in creating custom websites for businesses of all sizes. Whether our clients are a start-up or an enterprise, we can help them achieve their online goals. Read more>>

Aqeila Shepherd | Evolutionary Biological Evolution Practitioner, Chiropractic Physician, Department of Transportation Medical Examiner, CEO/Owner of: The Luxe Concierge Physical Medicine, PLLC & Luxe Life Wellness, PLLC

My companies: The Luxe Concierge Physical Medicine, PLLC and Luxe Life Wellness, PLLC are constructed with maximum healthcare evolution- at the crux of their foundations. Not only are we transitioning towards a higher and enlightened state of existence; we’re finding that it’s absolutely necessary for survival. The old way of approaching health and wellness is outdated, primitive, and ineffective. The COVID pandemic shed an unavoidable light on the deficits of our current healthcare models and systems, and now it’s time for change. Read more>>

LaKisha Clarke | Founder and CEO

Kids Sew Genius Foundation is a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping underserved communities by providing a pathway out of poverty. We encourage and empower youth and young adults by teaching life and survival skills, with a focus on entrepreneurship. We are developing an apprenticeship program that pairs At-risk with local business owners, teaching them skills and trades which show them a way to pivot out of poverty. I’s a WIN for everyone involved (community, youth, and local businesses Read more>>