We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Poizn ivii | Graphic designer & Female Artist

When I started my business I was an entrepreneur already. And I wanted to find ways to help out other small business owners to be able to afford marketing materials for their businesses. So I came up with Stampd By Poizon LLC, where I am a graphic designer and I create logos, flyers, business cards, ect. For a reasonable price. It was very convenient for myself as well being that I’m an upcoming female artist I use my skills to market my own music. Read more>>

Sean Watkins | Entrepreneur

The solution clothing meaning everything under our company we have the solution to the problem one of the biggest brands we have is Generational Wealth a lot of people in our community do not know anything about Generational Wealth so our mission is to travel and teach the world the importance of building Generational Wealth. Read more>>

Dianna Gunn | Dark fantasy author and the founder of the Weeknight Writers Group

Writing conferences are one of the best ways to advance your career as an author, but they’ve always been inaccessible to a huge number of writers. Between the need to travel, the cost of travel and conference tickets, the often-inaccessible venues, and the lack of childcare offered at these events, the barrier to entry is high. And the vast majority don’t offer payment or even cover part of the travel/accommodations cost unless you’re the Guest of Honor. Read more>>

Shardae Bennett | Author| Nonprofit CEO & Founder

My nonprofit and books address the social concern of ADHD and Autism in children of color. In African and Hispanic communities they are considered undiagnosed. And I think that stems from the fear of wanting to place another label on our kids when they have so much to battle and overcome. So I provide the support and education needed to develop our environments knowledge base. Read more>>

Priscilla Butts | Wealth Strategist & Funding Expert

Honestly it’s simple! It’s finances! It’s something everyone wants to obtain. My brand, our focus is to help our clients use credit as leverage to posses generational wealth. We want individuals to live a financially free lifestyle. By doing that, we change the economic structure of our community. Read more>>

Ayianah (Pressure) Dugar | Lash Tech

I stay in a small town call Covington,GA. We don’t have everything around like the city(Atlanta,Ga) do. I started selling lashes at the age of 17. I was one of the first people to actually start / sell them at my age. I’m 23 years old at the moment & people still relay on me to have lashes for either an important event or self care. I also have another business where I sell hookahs. I’m literally the only person in Covington,Ga who sell hookahs. People relay on me to have the hottest product with the best prices. Read more>>

Cierra J. Modi | Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor who has a passion for inspiring my community. With my business Ambitious girl I teach young girls how to walk in faith and confidence. I believe encouraging the next generation of female leaders is extremely important and devote my free time to volunteering with organizations who do just that. I have created worksheets & programs that help young girls dream big and step out in confidence Read more>>

Crystal | Founder of The Curve Experience

My platform alleviates the stress for plus size and newbie masqueraders of having to search for what bands, section leaders, and designers at Carnival will cater to them. I supply a safe space for curvy masqueraders to feel heard and empowered by dismantling the myth that to take part you must be of a certain aesthetic. I also interview those who work behind the scenes to put together the entire carnival, parties, and events leading up to that big day. Read more>>

Shontorial Gilbert | Life Purpose & Happiness Coach

My business helps the coummunity by supporting people to become the best and highest version of themselves. It gives people hope, empowerment and encouragement that there is more to life than what the individual maybe experiencing. My business provides a safe space where people can be vulnerable, be themselves and discover who they truly are and want to become. It offers new ways of thinking, being and transformation for a much happier and whole individual, which adds value to the community as a whole and the lives of others that my clients impact. Read more>>