We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Joseé Muldrew | Licensed Associate Professional Counselor

The Looking Glass JM, LLC. helps the community, specifically Black Indigenous and People of Color, by connecting them to culturally informed content, providing free mental health resources, and offering trainings and products that promote trauma-informed care. As a Black female counselor, I learned quickly the many barriers that exist that prevent traditionally marginalized groups from accessing quality care. Whether those limitations are cultural stigma, financial concerns, lack of representation among providers, etc. there has been a gap that exists when it comes to wellness equity. The Looking Glass strives to bridge that gap by fostering a space to create community and amplify the voices and lived experiences of the BIPOC community. Read more>>

Imani Cummings | CEO and Creative Director

Big Muvas House has had a huge impact on the world. This brands main goal is to encourage self love and body positivity through creative photography and one thing I have realized throughout the growth of this brand is that both self love and building confidence doesn’t have a weight limit. There are tons of women who are a smaller weight and have no confidence in themselves and there are tons of women who are 400 lbs and have the most confidence in themselves. I don’t want people to think our main focus is just plus size women because it’s not. We want to help all women of all shapes and sizes practice self love. Read more>>

Joydan Sparks | Lash/Brow Artist & Instructor

I feel like my business has helped make an impact on the community by giving women the opportunity and tools they need to create their own 6 figure lash business, as well as making my lash and brow clients feel beautiful. Read more>>

Paul & Tiffany Nutall | CEO, Founders, & Executive Producers

Paul & Tiffany: Our production company called 2nd Chance TV shows & Production, Inc. produces TV shows that will change the world: Our first show called “2nd Chance Saves Lives” aims to help those struggling with ANY need – homelessness, health, dental or finance troubles, drug/rehab help, employment, connecting talented individuals (aspiring singers, actors, dancers, etc) with those able to get them to the next level or simply giving a helping hand to individuals to transform their quality of life into a better and more robust one. Every man, woman, and child faces adversity at some point or another throughout their lifetime. Read more>>

Saundrea Sampson | CEO & Founder of Embodied Apparel

Embodied Apparel is a social advocacy brand that provides a funnel for customers to give back to programs, foundations, and scholarships created by African American pioneers. The t-shirts are printed by Turn90, a non-profit that provides therapy and job placement for men formerly incarcerated that are on a proven road to success. Embodied Apparel believes in civic engagement from the creation of the t-shirts to the proceeds donated. Each purchase helps Embodied Apparel to give back to community organizations & helps to keep men out of prison. Read more>>

Stan Banks | YouTuber & Entrepreneur

My mission is to impact the world in the best way possible! It just so happens for me, that way is through t-shirts. I teach everyday people how to start their own t-shirt business or clothing brand, which allows them to start create income on their own terms. Just think, if they generate $500-$1,000 from their t-shirt business, it now allows them to pay an extra bill for the month or start saving for something important for their family. Read more>>

Khadijah Butler | Nonprofit Founder and President

Equity and Black student success are at the core of what the Craig D. Butler Scholarship Foundation stands for and providing scholarships to the community furthers that student’s success. Our organization takes pride in arming future scholars with the tools, resources, and access necessary to receive an education, which increases their chances of breaking the cycle of poverty. Investing in our youth has a ripple effect of positive actions to the community including an increase in high school graduation rates, creation of economic independence and social mobility, instilling a sense of belonging and fulfillment in the recipients, and promoting philanthropy. Read more>>

Miyana Sarver | Poet, Writer, and Event Curator

At Poetry on Peter we are 100% dedicated to the advancement of the poetry and spoken word community. Many events have an open mic vibe and allow an array of creatives to show their talents- singers, rappers, poets, and even motivational speakers. Here at POP, we focus strictly on the art of poetry. Poetry is a lost expression in a sense and I felt that our specific community needed a place just for us, to call home. We offer a live band, drinks, pure positive energy and acceptance. Thats a great way to start off the week! Not to mention, it is a free event. Read more>>

Jerry Gibson jr | Owner & Ceo of Ruthless Killa Records

Ruthless Killa Records helps the community by supporting unsigned independent artists by providing them opportunities at either a discounted price or thru giveaways to the things they will need to advance their dream or get them the resources needed to be successful in the industry. Read more>>