We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Scott Sellers | Chief Executive Officer, Tri-Athlete and Podcast host.

Almost everything we enjoy in life today we enjoy because someone somewhere took a risk. The Wright Brothers, Andrew Carnegie, Neil Armstrong, Steve Jobs are great examples of risk takers. Risk can be scary, but it is 100% necessary in order for anything to move forward. Starting a business can be both risky & scary and I’ve experienced both when starting my companies. I’ve learned over the years that there are two things that help in mitigating risk. Read more>>

Kiera Hicks | Master Cosmetologist

I personally feel like the term “risk” can be very intimidating. It can put fear into you if you let it, it can also prevent you from moving forward in life and progressing. Most only look at the negative and not the positive. Taking that risk that nobody else is willing to is a the key to success. Being able to get pushed out of your comfort zone, being able to attempt and not give up. Once you understand just how powerful taking a risk is you become a distractible. Read more>>

Valerie Bruno | Owner & Founder of Originally Crafted Events LLC

The possibility of loss or injury, is the definition of risk. However, in my opinion, the possibility of regret for not following your passion and goals, is a greater loss than the risk itself. Of course, you have to calculate your risks and really think about how beneficial they will be to you, your career, your lifestyle, your future. But not taking those risks or chances, especially on yourself, can be one of the biggest regrets people make. Which is why after the pandemic hit in 2020, I took one of the largest risks, now my personal life and career life have changed in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Read more>>

Cindy Reyes-Herrera | Your Local Sugarista

Taking risks has brought me nothing but success both in my life and career. I’m a big fan of “Go big or go home.” You have to stop with the “what ifs” and just get it done. Deep down we are all scared but I think that’s what sets us all apart. The risk takers and the non risk takers. Life with no risks is no life at all. At least try and see where it all takes you. Read more>>

Houston Patton | Jazz Musician

The idea of taking risks has played a big role in my life and music career. I really understood what it meant to take risks when I played soccer. In a game, I would often take risks and try to do a flashy trick or a hard shot. I would often fail, but when I got it right, it made everything worth it. This concept helped me understand that it is important to take risks musically and career-wise. Trying to hit a really high note on a gig is risky for me sometimes. However, when I can do it, I am always so happy. Read more>>

Laine Cunningham | Author & Lit Mag Publisher

Authors–and sculptors and painters and publishers–know that their lives are defined by the risks involved in pursuing a career in the arts. And I do mean their entire lives. To gain skill in a particular area, and to continue building those skills outside an academic setting, requires that every day be built around finding time and creating the level of mental clarity that supports learning, thinking, and doing. We’ve all heard about those old-school folks who, back in the 1950s and 1960s, shut themselves in their rooms and didn’t participate in the life of the household. Read more>>

Andre’ Lamar | Actor and Entrepreneur

Risk has been my whole career. When I finally decided to become a full time-professional working Actor, I stepped away from the 9-5 and the incentives and benefits that came along with it. My everyday focus consisted of acting classes, getting headshots, and taking free gigs to build up my resume and reel footage. While my friends were starting families, purchasing homes, purchasing cars, and receiving promotions at their jobs, I was taking a risk with my future. I took this risk because I decided I didn’t want to wake up one day and live with the regret of not taking the path I was chosen to take. Read more>>

Lele Wright | Serial Entrepreneur/Venue owner

I have always carried this saying with me “success is dependent on effort. Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.” With that being said I believe that your risk is what builds your success. Also, failing is part of success. I have always been a risk taker even though I knew failing was a possibility. My strong faith outweighs my fear of failure and I know Gods purpose for me is to pursue my dreams regardless of risk. Risk has played a major role in my success by allowing me to own several businesses. Read more>>

Kween Kathy | Media Maven

I believe that everything I ever wanted is on the other side of fear. This is exactly why I stand on the belief that in order to succeed you must take a risk. I have taken the risk my whole career such as starting a media company with no Financial help. Also by taking the risk to ask for a mentors help. I also hopped in to the direct messages of artists and entrepreneurs in order to land a interview with them. Read more>>

Lakay Richardson | Licensed Cosmetologist & Content Creator

I think everyone should take risks at least once in their lifetime. I took a risk and decided to leave my job working in the corporate world, to become a full time entrepreneur and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My fiancé pushed me to take that risk because I was so afraid to leave my job and not knowing what was to come was scary. You don’t want to go on in life saying “i wish I did this,” or “I should’ve did that when I had the chance.” If you can take the risk and you feel it will change your life for the better, do it. You never know until you try. That’s all you can do. Read more>>

Krystal Weldon Orellano | Author, Poet, Model and Teacher.

Taking risks is a part of life. People regret the things they don’t do rather than the things they do. Failure is a part of the process and being afraid to fail will always hold us back. It takes a lot of strength to be able to put myself out there, but I want the world to hear my voice when I write. I am not scared of rejection; I welcome of it. For every rejection, there is a new door opening for me to enter. This is how risk taking becomes a beautiful part of my career. I do everything and talk everyone to build a platform for myself. Read more>>

Tim “the GREAT” Livingston, Jr. | Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur & Mogul

I think if you can step outside the comfort of your own home (which should be your personal safe haven) no matter the reason, that is like taking on the wrld… Therefore, risk-taking for your own individual success should be just as easy. The way I see it, the wrld we live in is designed to shed light on those who are not afraid to take the GREATest risks in life. I believe that it is the role I was destined to play. My role in life is to leave behind a legacy like no other. Read more>>