We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Larencia Bright | Real Estate Broker

The most important lesson that entrepreneurship has taught me is boundaries! Most time in business, especially when in a service business it can be difficult to establish boundaries and processes for fear that you may not please everyone. Some people will use you up; your time, your resources, etc and still not be satisfied and move on to the next person. It’s important to know your stuff, learn your craft, educate your clients and manage their expectations. Also, have processes in place and establish boundaries so that you can effectively service your clients, avoid burnout and grow your business. Read more>>

Colliesha Cook | Lash Technician

The most important lesson having a business has taught me and my particular field has taught me is, there is no easy way to run a business, there’s the fun times and all but running a business and it being your only source of employment is not easy at all! There’s always ups and downs with anything, but jumping into being your own boss and running your own business you think you got it good and easy when it’s harder than working for someone else, but I will never change it. Also you gotta build a culture, establish it with your company to become more successful and always be open to accepting your faults and wrongdoings with your business in order to learn from it to become better and to have better. Read more>>

Hakim Green | Entrepreneur

One of the most important lessons my career has taught me is to always go with your gut feeling, whether it means to start something and/or end something. Your human intuition is not always the easiest answer but it’ll always be the right answer. Read more>>

Nijia Moore | Lash Technician

As it comes to my lash business, Conceited Me & Co. By Nijia Lashae LLC, or in any business, mental health is first, always. If my mental state is not together, how can I fully prosper my business? After being officially in business for over a year, I really had to monitor my mental health and that is with the strength of God. With God on my side, I can conquer anything. People often look over mental health and think it is something not to be talked about. Once you bottle up anything inside, it can explode. It is very important to open up, even if it is to a therapist, your mind, your heart, must be open. Read more>>

Sheba Kinsey | Personal and Business Credit Consultant

People over profit. If you focus on building good relationships with people, the people will help you profit. Read more>>

Aazia Aaron | Master cosmetologist

It’s important to work hard, but balance is also a huge part of the successful. Having a business/career is one of The most rewarding things in my opinion but it can be very overwhelming, just remember to take time for yourself. Read more>>

Kayla Hodges | Serial Entrepreneur & Risk Taker

The most important lesson my business has taught me is to be consistent or you might as well quit. You can do so much preparation, and go through so many feelings emotions even over thinking, but your business isn’t going to prosper if your not consistent. Read more>>