We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Joe Monahan | Creative Director and Video Producer

At many times in our careers, especially early on, we were told that we didn’t have the experience or resources to pull off high profile jobs. Perhaps we didn’t, but had we listened to those folks, we never would have accomplished some of our biggest projects. We made a habit out of succeeding at projects we had no business even taking on, according to our experience level. That taught us that all we really needed to succeed was the opportunity, and to always seize it when it comes. Others may have done it before, or have more experience, but that doesn’t necessarily make them more capable. Sometimes, being inexperienced is a gift, because if you really knew what you were up against, you might not do it at all. Never be afraid to try. Read more>>

Latia Lee | L.Lee Photographer

The most important lesson I’ve learn is the value of baby steps. Sometimes we feel like we need to make these big leaps. If you keep your eyes forward and just keep making baby steps, one day you’ll look backwards and realize the number of leaps you’ve made. Read more>>

Chris Ivy | Photographer

The most important lesson I’ve my business has taught me Is staying true to your growth. in this day and age we constantly compare ourselves to other successes while downplaying our own , when we do this we unintentionally deem ourselves as failures so over time I stopped looking at everyone else’s growth and just focused on getting better everyday. Read more>>