We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Amber Vincent Alejandro | Filmmaker, Event Coordinator, Model & Fitness Coach

It’s all about lifestyle. Lifestyle is what determines what is important to a person on a day-to-day basis and habits are formed based on the lifestyle one is currently living or wishes to lead. Health and wellness makes up a great deal of my lifestyle. Ever since I’ve decided to pursue powerlifting, healthy eating, and recreational sports, my mindset changed and I became much more focused, confident and determined to step out on faith to pursue my dreams. Growing up in a household where hard work and greatness was an expectation, I’ve carried with me the habits that were instilled in me as a kid: study, work hard, be honest, and be great. Read more>>

Matthew Thomas | Creator of Super Cool Radio

One of the biggest things I discovered early on in this venture is that consistent social media posts are very important. Every night before I go to bed, I schedule posts that will be published the next day. By doing this it helps keep me organized and reduces some stress. If my schedule changes the next day, I am not scrambling to make social media posts. Another habit is I always strive to learn something new about podcasting. Whether it is a new editing style, different ways to create promotional graphics, or something more simple like a new question to ask during an interview, I am always studying up and learning. Read more>>

Ashley Williams | Business Development Manager

Consistency, discipline, exercising, and making sure I get enough sleep. I also create vision boards and give back to others. My giving isn’t always monetary, I may give my time and/or resources to help. Whatever is needed to fill in the gap Read more>>

Lauren Miehl | Registered Nurse & Aesthetician

The best advice I can give to gain success is to never stop learning. The aesthetics industry is constantly changing with new technology and concepts evolving all the time. We have to keep up with these changes to not only give our clients the best results possible, but to remain relevant. Our clients are more savvy than ever with skincare and treatment advice at their finger tips, whether that advice is correct or not! Read more>>

Sarai Blissett | Entreprenuer/Content Creator

To be completely transparent my ability to believe in myself and becoming more consistent has helped me with my success today. From becoming a business owner to beginning to take my role as a content creator more seriously, Consistency is one of the number one things that has helped with my success I’ve learned to trust in myself and push myself no matter what adversity I may face. I’ve also learned to tune out all the outside noise on the path to success there will always be people who feel like they know whats best for you when in reality only you know what you want. Make a plan and work towards it everyday, every second. Read more>>