We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Kyshona Gresham | Residential Mortgage Loan Officer

The habits that I possess that will continue to bring me consistent success is: Discipline, Honesty, Integrity, Resilience, and being a constant student: I NEVER stop learning and I know I can learn from any & everyone. Read more>>

Anthane Richie | Anthane Richie is currently an Active Duty Chief Petty Officer in the United State Navy. He is also a real estate investor in the Hampton Roads, VA area and hosts the Rich State of Mind Podcast. The Rich State of Mind Podcast is in the top 1.5% globally of active podcasts covering wealth building, investing, mindset, mental health, personal finance, marketing and entrepreneurship.

The first thing I did was acknowledge that I m not a multi-tasker. I had a bad habit of trying to do multiple things thinking I was being productive when really I my full attention was not on the tasks I needed to complete and my accuracy of each task was not where it needed to be. Compartmentalizing my day is the first habit I adopted to maximize my day. I wake up at 5am to work out and check emails that way I am responding to individuals prior to them coming into work. Read more>>

Lauren Manning | LCSW

Daily Gratitude! I try to begin each day with “Today I get to…” instead of “Today I have to…”. I remind myself that I have the honor of guiding my clients to a place of healing. Practicing daily gratitude has been proven to “rewire” our brains to experience more joy. Give it a try! Read more>>

Renaee Smith | International Award Winning Author and Business Owner

The habits that have helped me to succeed are working hard, staying focused and never giving up. When others are sleeping I am up putting plans in place and making adjustments to actions that were already taken. I don’t expect from others what I won’t do myself. What has helped me to progress in business is my mantra “What am I waiting for?” So many times fear stops us from making that leap and we can sometimes miss opportunities. Whenever I get that “Feeling” coming on I ask myself that question. That usually helps to jumpstart my brain and get me moving. Read more>>

Genesis Bright | Vintage Stylist

Staying Consistent and making sure that I keep myself inspired and more consistency. Read more>>

CHRIS MCCARTHA | Investor, Entreprenuer, Small Business Strategist, Financial Architect

My relentless work ethic is probably the habit that has helped me become successful. Read more>>