To pivot or to persevere? Or more bluntly – to give up or to not to give up? This is a haunting question, a question that has ramifications far after an answer has been chosen and it’s also a question that almost everyone in our community has had to face at one time or another. How do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?

College Barbiie | Influencer and Content Creator

Thats a great question as for me I know to keep going because there are goals that I have for myself. When there are specific plans that you have inshore for yourself you do everything in your might to complete them. I am the type of woman that do what I have to do for myself. When you’ve lived your whole life where people don’t believe in you, giving up is never an option. This is what gives me motivation to keep moving forward everyday. Always know that accomplishing your goals won’t always be easy, but remember to pick up where you left off. Read more>>

DeAnna Broome | HR Consultant for small businesses

It’s all about my faith. I have been in some situations where it seems like nothing is going my way. All the doors that I’m trying to open are locked and I cannot force my way in. What I do is stop trying to force it, and wait on God to tell me what to do next. Now, I don’t literally hear him talking to me. Instead, I get an intense feeling that I have to do this. Most of the time it does not make sense to me, but I go with it. Others call it their gut feeling, I call it God. Read more>>

Memy Baxter | Memy Creations braids style and more

This a really tough question because I battle with if I want to keep going or give up. Being in the hair industry, if you are not know; it’s hard to get clientele. I feel like your appearance is everything. I don’t wear 30 inch wigs, Jordan’s, flying eye lashes or have long nails. I’m not a really known person so promoting my business sometimes can be very difficult. It’s just like another business where you have high and low peaks. I’ve made $2000 within the last 30 days. I keep track using square. Read more>>

Sadia Yansaneh | Celebrity Trainer, Health and Business Coach

The way you determine wether to give up or not is based on how badly you want the desired goal. I think it’s important to pursue things that we love, call us to purpose and or gives us fulfillment. When you are in pursuit of something you love wether that’s career base, a person or even a specific environment that strong feeling; is what keeps you connected. It doesn’t mean that the journey won’t be difficult but I think if you really believe in you vision it will come into fruition.The way to determine wether to give up or not is based on how BADLY you want that goal. If you don’t love it that much, head in a different direction, if you do want it, even if you fail you have still succeed because you went after something you wanted to achieve. Read more>>

Austin Helm | Musician

For me this decision is fortunately pretty easy and I will explain why. I make things very simple in my mind in order to make the decisions appear as least complicated as possible. It is very easy to start feeling sorry for yourself and give up when things start getting frustrating. This type of path will weed out the weak hearted. The points of quit or keep going are going to tell you a lot about who you really are and will expose forceless motivations. When starting on a journey like this, it is imperative that you build a strong foundation of reasons you are about to do this, because anything weak, like money, will not be enough to carry you through. Read more>>

Danny Buchanan | Hairstylist & Self taught Wig/Weavologist

My favorite quote that has been told to me ever since I was a little girl is ” If it does not make your happiness flow, let it go!” I have always believed in going after what you want in life. The world is yours! it’s up to you to take matters in your own hands to manifest and create the life you want. When god places you in uncomfortable situations it’s not to break you down… It’s to prepare and test you for what you have been asking for. If you are putting in the hard work and effort and you begin to get discouraged or feel like you should give up my best advice is to think back to the reason WHY! Why did you start in the first place? Who are you here to help? Why would you give up now and let all your hard work go down the drain? Why would you disappoint everyone who has been rooting for you? Read more>>