The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Emily Brown | Handmade Jewelry Designer

Work life balance is a subject that comes up in conversation with my family and friends A LOT. I would have to say working for yourself – balance is what i find the most difficult. It honestly took me a while to learn the word “no”. This is something I still struggle with. My friends and family are just as important to me as my customers. At the end of the day – my friends, family, and boyfriend are still going to be there for me if I miss a dinner or two. So do I balance everything perfectly? Absolutely not, but I have a team of people cheering me on no matter what because they know how important Emily Kearns Designs is to me. Read more>>

Beth Hermes | Author, Writing Coach, & Mid-Life Farmer

When I started my career, I was a journalist. I loved the work, the hours were atrocious, leaving no time for a social life, but I learned many of the skills I carried through my circuitous career, and valuable lessons about what I wanted. I didn’t call it “balance” at the time, but that’s what I sought. I left that post and took a job that combined office work and public relations, while attending graduate school. Again, no time for social life – or much time for taking care of myself. Read more>>

Gideon Winters Dawn Winters | Co-Owner’s of Nature’s Natural Lather Bath & Body Company

Dawn: The balancing act haha. I think most entrepreneurs struggle with it. We go from employees where your time is determined by a clock in and clock out, and you leave work at work only when you leave a physical building or log off. Given that we have goals and we want to one day be able to dictate our own schedules, we find ourselves often burning the midnight oil, of course with our goals in mind. Going into this we both knew this is what it would take to get to where we are going, does that mean it is easy? Absolutely not. Read more>>

Valerie Thomas | CEO & Teacher

The thought process behind starting my business was immediately solving a problem. The problem many boy moms face when shopping, very little options in the boys fashion sector. After my oldest Caden (11) was born I noticed instantly the difference when shopping for him vs a girl. It wasn’t until 6 years later after my youngest son Clay (5) was born the birth of Clay brand was also born. My oldest being my initial inspiration and my youngest son who the brand is named after. Read more>>

Jarah Murraine | Serial Entrepreneur, Licensed Cosmetologist, & Holistic Nutritionist

When I first began my journey as an Entrepreneur I worked long hours. I would start my work day at 9am and not go home sometimes until 1am the next day. I was “on my grind”. I was trying to get my name and services that I offer out to the public. I was willing to work late and do whatever I had to do to grow my clientele. As my business and my family grew my perspective changed. I couldn’t work late into the next morning anymore. I began to set boundaries, there were certain services I stopped offering due to the timing, and started referring clients to other stylist. Read more>>