The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Cassie Skipper | Cassie Skipper | Travel Photographer | At Heart Photography

Balance….what’s balance? lol When I started photography 8 years ago, I looked at balance as only a noun. I would make comments to myself like “You need balance” or “I want balance.” I viewed it as a lifestyle for years. As my business grew over time I eventually got overwhelmed and finally opened my eyes to see what I was missing. In order for me to feel like I had achieved balance I needed to make it a verb instead of a noun in every part of my life, especially my business. I started telling myself “You NEED to balance your schedule” or “You NEED to learn to say no.” I had to learn what my best yes was and know that it was okay to say no to certain things. Read more>>

Christina Maldonado | Certified Instructor & Fitness Coach

For me the whole concept of “work life balance” was a struggle. As a perfectionist I always felt like I was dropping the ball somewhere. As a single woman I was determined to be successful and work with excellence to achieve my goals. As a young wife I struggled to find out how to do that and nurture a relationship with my husband, someone who technically was supposed to come first. Then, I added kids to the mix and felt I could never achieve the ideal “work life balance”, or any balance for that matter. I can’t tell you how many nights I cried because one week I would hit it big at work but then I would come home to a messy house. Read more>>

Tanesha Gamory | Business & Lifestyle Expert

Modern culture depicts life as various silos: individual, personal, professional, and marital. Being whole in each area of life improves its quality. After a decade pursing professional success as an entrepreneur with minimal time allocated for personal necessities, I’ve decided quality of life supersedes any competing obligation. As a serial entrepreneur, one is easily consumed with the thrill of the chase. However, satisfaction is gained from the ability to procure, secure and execute. Serial is the ability to successfully prioritize while exploring additional opportunities simultaneously. Read more>>

Angel Burns | Health Ambassador & Technology

I have embraced a concept called ” prioritizing .” I removed the word balance as it relates to life because I’ve found it to be nonexistent or hard to attain, unless you’re talking about mathematics! Throughout life’s experiences, I have acknowledged that understanding priorities is essential and a continuum that we must acknowledge . I have broken down this concept and approached it from a minimalist mindset (keeping it simple). Planning in advance, leaving room for error, giving myself grace, and taking care of myself, have been instrumental in accomplishing lifes priorities. Through the years , I continue to reshuffle priorities as they present themselves, but one non negotiable will always be my sanity. Self Care is essential and fueling as I am blessed to experience life. Read more>>

Sha | Entrepreneur

I would say as my business grows, my life gets more hectic. I’m going to be honest, running a business means you will have no time for yourself. It’s hard to balance out my personal life with work, When work is my life. Only the real entrepreneurs will understand. I’m always on the go and working. I’m now on my second business, meaning I have no free time. I’m also one of those business owners who likes to play every role. I know that balance is really important, but I also know that taking risk, and sacrifices is just as important to get me where I want to be in life. Read more>>

Mehdusa | Artist & Singer/Songwriter

My work life balance has always been pretty consistent, I work hard for the things I want and have in life. But it has definitely taken a drastic change as I am six months post partum from giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, and he definItely keeps my schedule full. Being a mom full time now definitely has changed my work life balance a lot. Especially when it comes to balancing it between work, studio time, photo shoots, all of the above. But it’s also made me more aware of time, and what can consume it. Read more>>

Jurena G. Cantrell | Integrated Marketing Executive

I think balance is key to a great life. In my 20s, my life was all about work. I still found time to spend with family and travel but mostly I was working. When I became a mother/wife in my 30s, I had to really be cautious of my time so that one did not overshadow another. I didn’t always get it right but over time I learned even if you are working for yourself, you must take time off for other things, that way you are recharged and capable of handling what is coming. Read more>>