Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Anasia Jackson | Freelance Model

I define success in many ways. For me, success is about doing my job well and on time. I want to be recognized as someone who always does her best and tries her hardest to achieve her goals. It’s also important for me to know that I may have helped or inspired someone in any way possible. Read more>>

Alexandria Wilson | Real Estate Investor , Real Estate Agent , Owner of True Boss Beauty , Co Owner of La Realty LLC

Success is going for your goals. Success is never giving up . In order to be successful you have to experience failures. As my grandma would say you have to crawl before you walk. Read more>>

Ashley Blake | Owner of ABCS & Creative Director & IT Security Analyst

Success can have many different meanings and can be experienced a variety of ways. My definition of success doesn’t really amount to how much money someone may have or the awards/accomplishments that have attained over a lifetime but by how you’re utilizing your gifts and talents to help people and how happy you are. Read more>>

2AM Ricky | Recording Artist & Songwriter

Success is being able to see the flaws, failures, and obstacles of life and know that your journey opened doors for others. It isn’t about the material things, it’s about making an impact. When your life and your endeavors make others lives better, you’ve truly succeeded. Read more>>

Shehnaz Shukla | Senior Leader in Healthcare Industry: Quality & Controls/ Compliance/ Risk Management

In my initial days, while being a teenager, I thought success is about achieving a goal of reaching a point where you dream of being in your life and that’s it. But for me, while I kept advancing in my career, I realized that ‘success is really not a destination, but it is more of a journey’. Read more>>