Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Cedrick Chealey Sr. | Husband, Dad, Serial Entrepreneur, and Good Man

Hmmmm. I think success is a misplaced word in the minds of a lot of people. I say that because anyone who wants better for themselves and puts forth their best efforts whether they win, lose, or break even…. Is a success. Starting the journey and overcoming your own insecurities and fears while chasing your dreams makes you a successful person. Success for me, hasn’t been defined by riches, assets, or material things. It has been me having the freedom of growing and believing outside of traditional life’s teachings. Fear is the last hurdle one has to jump before the dreams manifest. Read more>>

Jessica Grier | School Counselor & Kingdom Wellness Coach

My definition of success relates to the concept of fruitfulness- growing in the fruit of my labor professionally and personally. I want to live a life that influences people to do better. My success is not limited to the financial arena, it includes my relationships, attaining knowledge, good health and wellness as well. Read more>>

Zarita Zevallos | Architect / Photographer

I think there are multiple ways to feel successful. For me, if I achieve two things, I feel accomplished. The first is finalizing my project as I imagined it, from shoot to editing. The second is through my concepts, even though I clarify the meaning behind my photoseries, I always leave subtleties and hope that the public can read into them. Oftentimes during Q+A with other artists, collectors and/or Historians, those conversations come up. I’m ecstatic when that happens. Read more>>

Madeleine Galea | Actor & Writer

To me success equates to freedom. The freedom to pursue creative interests without the burden of financial, temporal, or societal factors having to alter my decisions. I see successes as a constantly evolving thing, less of a marker at a point in my life, and more of a feeling that you relish in and then continue moving forwards, working to enjoy the feeling again. Read more>>

Ashley Peterson Vincent, LPC | Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor & Licensed Professional Counselor

What I’ve learned through starting my own business, my career and education is that my definition of success is always evolving. At the beginning of my career, success was completing my education, gaining licensure and starting the work. Read more>>