There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Emilie Iggiotti | Editorial and portrait photographer

I think about risk as an opportunity, it’s not bad or good, it’s an option. I don’t see myself as someone who takes lots of risks but then when I look back at my journey, I realized that I did take some risks and every time, these decisions led me to a new place and a new experience. In 2009, I left a career as a jurist to pursue a photography business. In 2010, I followed my ex-partner to Canada and moved my brand new business to a new country and a new city (Montreal). Read more>>

TeJah Gowins | Music Producer & Musician

Taking risks and being in the music industry go hand in hand. Music is subjective, right, and our current industry is heavily influenced by relationships, numbers, and networking. As a creative you never know where your next burst of inspiration will come from, who or what group of people are going to connect to you and your art, or your longevity in your medium; therefore, every decision to put out music, send music to artists, and sacrifice sleep, finances, and social life is a constant risk you have to take towards progression – and not everyone is going to understand that. The important thing is that these are risks that potentially get eyes on you and get you into rooms with valuable people. Read more>>

Laura Wang | Photographer

When it comes to taking risks in my career and my life, there are a few that come to mind. I had to move to Austin, Texas from the state I was living in for personal reasons and that was a BIG risk for me; I knew that it could potentially be a productive move considering Austin is one of the most creative cities but I wasn’t sure I had it in me to put in the work to network. After some time there I met several amazing people who took me into their circle and guided me into all these opportunities – the biggest thing for me was making sure I was OPEN to saying yes to all of them. Read more>>

DenisèAnn Shields | Director & Artist

It is important to take risks. Playing it safe isn’t going to get you anywhere. You’ll think yourself into a hole and then eventually have to take a risk anyway to get out of it. If you are always worrying about what will go wrong, you will never see what goes right. And honestly, the biggest risk that you can take is going hard for yourself! When you take a risk on yourself and your dreams, there is no way that you can lose. Read more>>

Marie Walker | Real Estate Agent

I think risks are absolutely necessary. Without risks there would be no reward. The feeling of knowing you overcame fear to take leap of faith, reaping the success of that choice, it’s a feeling I cant describe. Imagine staying in your “safe zone” your whole ENTIRE life, you’re restricting yourself from so many opportunities. I left my 9-5 and took a risk on going into business for myself. Read more>>

Ziannah & Khaloni Dennis | Actress | Model | Social media Influencers

Being a kid social media influencer / Actress / Model is all about taking risk . We took a chance with just showing up to a audition for a commercial when ziannah (Zida) was a 5 month old. Her mother (Gee George) had no idea of the casting was real or not after hearing about it on Instagram. But going to that casting is what started the Dennis sisters full career it lunched the girls social media platform on Instagram and the rest came along with it Read more>>

Kimberly Butin | Writer and Recruiter

I’m a firm believer that you can’t get anywhere without calculated risk. If I had not been willing to take risks (starting new jobs within my career, playing it safe and not sharing my writing, not trying new styles of writing) I would not be where I am now. Read more>>

Brittny Branch | Nutrition Health Coach

I think of risk as something to overcome. It can either cause fear or encourage you to go after your dreams. Risk is all about the unknown who to marry, what school to go to, or even deciding to relocate. Risk carries the possibility of something extraordinary and challenges you not to stay stagnant. The risk in my life/career was starting my business. A month after the pandemic started and cities were still on lockdown, I had the bright idea to start a nutrition company. Talk about taking a risk, right! Read more>>

Eric Williams | Content Creator & Education Specialist

Risk taking is what determines your success to some degree. I haven’t reached nearly half of where I want to be in my professional career, however being able to take risk with certain situations allows you to be able to prepare for when your time comes to take off and achieve all that you’ve been wanting to. That time of preparation will propel your trajectory into all of your dream’s successes. In my reality, I’ve thought that the one thing that I don’t want to do in my life is get to the end of my journey here on Earth and realizing that I regret not attempting tp achieve a certain goal or dream. Read more>>

Carla Forsythe | Carla Forsythe | Cosmetologist & Content Creator

At any point in my life when things happen and i think about the risk i have to take. I honestly have to really think because i also have three daughters that it can affect in the long run. I basically write out the pro and cons. Taken risks has changed my life so much i just feel if you don’t do it how will you truly know if it’ll work out or not if that make sense to you. Read more>>

Dr. Kyri Hamilton | Kookie Kween and Healthcare Compliance Officer

Risk…. Barry Farber Stated it Best. “Without Risk There is No Reward” Mark Zuckerman further stated “The Biggest Risk is Not Taking Any Risk” Before the re-launch of Kyri’s Kookies, there was a Stage 4 Cancer, to battle. The Doctor said you must be willing to fight harder than you have ever fought in your life, if you have any chance of surviving this Rare Ewing Sarcoma. The treatment plan was extremely risky and agressive as I was infused with chemo for 80-120 hours non-stop during each in patient hospitilization. But the Risk in Not Taking The Risk… Death. The Reward in taking the Risk…LIFE. I Chose LIFE. Read more>>

Natalia Castells-Esquivel

When I was 21, I moved to New York City with $30 in my pocket. That summer saved my life. When I was 26, I moved to LA on a whim “for a year” because I was in love with a girl and because LA had really good tacos al pastor. This city has now been my home for over six years. And when I was 28, I dropped a stable career in advertising for a writers’ assistant job that paid half my salary. I’m now a TV/film writer — the career of my dreams. I’ve taken insane risks. The tattoo I got in Costa Rica for $100 was *maybe* not a great one. But most others have paid off beyond my wildest dreams. Read more>>

Quetta J | Singer, Actress, & Influencer

When I think about risk, I think about the reward. I truly believe with no risk there is no reward. If you want to do something and it scares you, then you probably should go with that choice because that’s the one that is going to help you grow the most. I’d rather try and fail, then to not have tried and succeeded. I took a risk moving to Atlanta, GA from New Jersey with everything that I owned piled in my car, no job, living on a prayer and having my faith. Read more>>

Towanda Parker | Stylist, Designer, Educator

Some of my biggest breakthroughs have happened when I dared to take risks! Such as opening a design showroom for our interior design/fashion boutique that we actually rent out for intimate gatherings, photo shoots, business pop-ups, etc while we we’re on the heels of a pandemic. And then launching a coworking space that ended up being Mississippi’s first “by women, for women” coworking space! The word risk is defined as “a situation that possibly exposes someone or something to potential hazard, danger or loss.” Read more>>