To persevere or to pivot is a question that do-ers have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. It’s never a straight road when you are doing something new, blazing a trail, breaking a ceiling, or pushing boundaries, so it’s only natural to wonder whether to give up midway. How do you know whether to keep going or to give up?

Janel Stevens | CEO & Owner, Yomoi Skin

Ask yourself what would make your soul smile? If you were assigned a role for the rest of your life, what would it be? Are you currently doing either of those? If not, keep going because you haven’t arrived at your final destination yet. Big goals always require more from the person trying to achieve them. You’re going to have days where everything goes wrong and you may encounter months of nothing but roadblocks, but there’s going to be a day where things just fall into place and you feel as though it was all worth it. Read more>>

April Priism | Visual Artist, Painter

As a artist, knowing when you’ve completed a project can be a complicated process. After spending hours with brush in hand, stepping back hundreds of times to see a larger perspective of my work; adding another line here, more shading there. The small pieces gathered to create a complex idea that was once only a vision in my mind. The conception of a painting is shrouded until the first strokes on canvas begin, from there I take my time to elaborate the necessary steps to bring the vision to light. Starting with a small mass of lines and shapes, a map is created to navigate this painting into it’s next step of development. Bringing depth into reality, the shapes create form, Read more>>

JaLyssa Jenkins | Mother, wife, entrepreneur, lover of all things flavorful

That’s simple…..NEVER GIVE UP!! I know personally that life happens to everyone, some things are out of our control. Learn to adjust…..PIVOT. Go back to the drawing board and figure out how you’re gonna reroute your journey to success. But again, NEVER GIVE UP! Read more>>

Hilary Metz | Owner and operator of Metz Made, LLC

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think about giving up. This ultimately ends with me also thinking, and then deciding, to keep going. I fail at something every day in the shop, but I also succeed at something every day. I have learned that failure has been my best teacher. Just about everything that has been worth doing in my life I failed at initially on some level or another. Being given a small taste of success drives me to keep going. My grandfather used to tell me that when I feel like giving up I need to take a break and sleep on it. Read more>>

Tiffany Hall | Fashion Designer

To Know whether you should keep going or to give up can be a big decision in life. When there is a problem or a little bump in the road it can sometimes discourage you and make you want to just give up , but it’s life everything will not be perfect. Being able to overcome and learn from situations that may have stopped you in the process of getting to where you want to be is what makes you stronger. Knowing that you can push through and work harder than you did before. Read more>>