Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

KaToya and Damon Sumner | Podcasters

One thing that has been so important for us as parents has been for us to showcase to our kids what “chasing dreams” looks like. The old mantra that “your life is over when you have kids” doesn’t ring true in our home. So, we love that our kids see us pursuing our own goals and understanding that hard work is vital to attaining anything you want in life. We also aim to always celebrate our kids in all of their successes-big or small. Our hope is that we can be a daily motivator and encourager for our children, instilling in them that they accomplish anything they set their minds on. Read more>>

Pamela Seda | Education Consultant and District Math Coordinator

The most important thing that I have done as a parent is try to “practice what I preached” to the best of my ability. I wanted my children to be fearless and not back down from a challenge. So I tried to set that example when I started my business. When my district abolished my position, I chose to start my consulting business. I purposely including my children in conversations about my business, because I wanted them to see that develop an entrepreneurial spirit, as well. It seems to have paid off, since my oldest daughter has a business on the side, and my youngest daughter chose to take extra classes outside of her major to earn her Entrepreneurship Certificate in college. Even though I wanted my children to grow up to be independent thinkers and contributing adults, I wanted them to also value being a part of a community. Read more>>

Ilana & Zach Richards | Farmers & Community Enthusiasts

We knew, as farmers and entrepreneurs, that getting swept away by the abundance of opportunities to over-sacrifice home life for business work would be all too easy, so we have created a lifestyle for our family which integrates both a healthy home and a healthy business. Our greatest hope is to provide a model for our children, maybe even for other children and members of the next generation of business owners, to be inspired and confident in their ability to maintain an honest, functioning, healthy business that contributes to bettering their communities and their own families. Read more>>

Britni Thiesen | Interior Designer

I am the proud mother of two amazing children, and I would say the most important thing I have done as a parent is teaching them the importance of priorities. As much as I love my work and the creative process of design, it is not my first priority. It’s actually not even in my top three! I want my kids to know that first and foremost my relationship with God is my first priority. Apart from that relationship I can do nothing so it has to be number one. Secondly, my marriage. I strongly believe one of the greatest gifts we can give to our kids is a healthy marriage. My husband is my greatest support and best friend. Without him there is no way I could do what I do! Thirdly, my family. When my kids are home from school I try my best to log off. Read more>>

Priscila Camara | Maternity and Newborn Photographer

I think the most important thing to teach kids are to be kind. I often hear my daughter’s teachers and friends telling me how sweet and polite she is. My goal is for her to become a strong woman yet gentle to others. I ask her everyday to be kind and also to understand the world sometimes is not a fare place but we need to stick with that we believe. Read more>>

Ty Finley | Business Owner kravemecosmetic

Starting my business and not letting anything deter me from my goal. Working non stop to provide for them knowing that I work two jobs and run a business so that they don’t have to ever want for anything. Knowing that I can leave my business to them and letting them take over and make it more then I ever could. Being successful is key and I want them to have that mind set. Read more>>

Liz Klebba | Internationally Certified Image, Wardrobe & Color Consultant, Blogger, Speaker & Mindful Dressing Evangelist

This isn’t related to my business at all… But starting to treat our sons like adults in high school was one of the best choices we could have made. They had the opportunity to mess up and fix it in a safe and supportive environment. (I’m not saying we fixed it. That was their problem. We were there for help and support.) They had the opportunity to make mistakes early and learn those painful lessons before they went out into the world. Delaying personal responsibility and accountability doesn’t help our children grow, it makes their lives more difficult. Read more>>