We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Tasheina Canty-White | Mother, Teacher, Artist, Writer

I am the mother of two sons, ages 13 &14. They’ve seen me manage my photography, my music, and education career. My prayer is that in all they see me do, they can reflect on my tenacity and will to persevere through any situation. I pray they learn from me how to celebrate the highs and keep hope through the low points. Read more>>

Jenni Brown | Divorce Attorney & Entrepreneur

I’m a parent of two children. One boy and one girl. As a business owner and female leader in the community, it is important to me that both children know they can follow their dreams regardless of their gender. Read more>>

Tramika Pugh | Yard cards by Meka (Owner)

The most important thing that I’ve done in terms of having an huge impact of my children is simply getting up every day and working hard for all the things that I wanted to achieve in life and being dedicated to my craft. Never given up even on my bad days just to show them that you have to keep pushing forward no matter the obstacles. Read more>>

Carl Wright | Founder & CEO- C & C Wright Investments, LLC

I can honestly and proudly say that writing a children’s book about my son (COLLIN’S SWEET ADVENTURE) and starting a business behind it has been the most important and impactful thing that I’ve ever done as a parent! Read more>>

Alex Williams | Cannapreneur / Mentor

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent to impact my child is building her confidence to do everything she wants and be anybody she wants to be. I believe that our children learn more from watching us then actually listening to us. So I try my best to be a role model and show characteristics of a strong black educated woman. So my daughter will emulate and grow with. Read more>>