Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Edward Wallace: Actor, Model, Business Owner, Fashion Designer

I am the owner of Eliesya J’s Boutique LLC. I am a part of the LGBTQIA Community and I am also a Fashion Designer, Actor, & Model. I have been a small business owner since 2005. Eliesya J’s was birthed from my need to be Independently Owned & Operated. I worked Eliesya J’s out of a corner of Uniforms Plus before reopening as a stand-alone storefront in 2011. So Eliesya J’s is LGBTQIAOWNED and I desire to inspire. I have gained some Celebrity clients through my fashion designing as well as a few magazines, newspapers, runway shows, photoshoots, and television as well as live radio. My Brand Eliesya J’s is All About Royalty and letting your inner strength and show triumph show through in your style. Its an attitude of gratitude and being humble while recognizing the struggle of Entrepreneurship and being A Gay Male is Real. Everybody is watching. I have gotten so many people that have told me on social media or in person how happy they are for me and how I have inspired them. Read more>>

Carmen Overton: Executive Director, Clement Arts

Clement Arts uses the cross-section of art and faith to make a difference in the lives of adoptive and foster families. Creative experiences like concerts, art shows, classes and workshops create a fun and easy avenue for anyone to get involved in orphan care. Proceeds from events are used to provide grants to families who are adopting (even domestic adoption can cost upwards of $30,000). Funds are also used to meet the tangible needs of local children in foster care or who are at high-risk of being placed in foster care. No child should be removed from his or her home due to lack of resources. The simple act of providing a bed can keep a family intact. I love that what we are doing is showcasing amazingly talented artists, giving them the platform to use their gifts for social good, and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. “Clement” means mercy, and the arts provide a beautiful means of mercy. Read more>>


Zee Banks: Spiritualist & Writer

My business is more than a metaphysical shop. The services I offer to the community cleanses the mind, body, and spirit. The intentions and ingredients I put inside my products are fueled by Ase’ ; Ase’ is the spiritual power we all possess. The biggest influence my business has had on my the world is breaking generational curses. The philosophy that I follow is embedded into my business. As my business expands so does my growth. The foundation of my business is built on a system. Read more>>

Shawna Chevon: Salon owner/Master Stylist/Image Therapist

We want to be an environment that focuses on feeling as good as you look. We will be a trusted place to help our clients through the good and the not so good times. As stylists for decades we have understood that our duty to our clients does not stop at hair care. It is rooted in trust. Our clients pour into us everyday. We will take the initial outpour of receiving clients’ moments and open an opportunity for various types of therapy that they will have the choice of joining through avenues we will create. Read more>>

Bryan STEPHENS, LPC: C.E.O. The People Of Promise Psychological Services

My goal is to provide the best mental health services to the people in my community, as well as around the world. My business strives to help people deal with their mental ailments , while simultaneously displaying the highest level of respect for each client. The use of elemental health also affords me to he opportunity to reach more people in various locations. Read more>>

Abner Stephens: Chef ,entrepreneur

Food is an essential to life. Not only does it provide nutrients that helps us grow, it is also a love language. As a chef and owner of Love Box LLC I connect people to food by creating a variety of dishes whether plant based, grass fed, turkey based, or etc. No matter what someone is going through the taste and smell of their favorite meal brings a smile to their face. Nowadays people or students aren’t having access to proper nutritions. We partnered with a local non -profit organization to provide healthier food items. We also dedicate sessions on meal prepping to promote healthier eating for people with diabetes. Food is love and love is food. A meal can turn a depressed moment into a joyful moment. A meal is apart of everyday life and celebrations. Love Box is honored to be apart of creating meals that touch hearts and souls all over the community and the world. Read more>>

Tiwanda Renee: Artist, Writer and Coach

What if 100% of the people in the world didn’t feel stuck? What if 100% of the people in the world understood their worth, their purpose, and how to use their gifts? What if 100% of the people in the world valued themselves enough to step out on faith and live, thrive and win instead of getting up every day to the notion that the day is just one more set of 24 hours they have to get through while in survival mode? What if?! When I write and coach, I do so to reach whatever percent of the people in this world who feel stuck and want to move forward in life. With less of us feeling stuck from what we have been through, what we have seen, what circumstances we live in, what we didn’t take advantage of, etc., life will be valued more and the world we live in will be a better place. Read more>>

Christine Lacayo: Co-founder and Communications Director

I use my brand and my writing, Christine Marie Lacayo, to inspire others in living a life of intention and purpose by connecting with our natural surroundings and the Catholic faith. In a world with so much chaos, division, war, and hate, we need more content encouraging people to embrace balanced well-being of the mind, body, spirit, and Earth. This is how I use my writing to help make an impact. With my other business, Siembra Studios, we use business to drive postive change. We offer purpose-driven branding, sustainable brand campaigns, and consulting around sustainable business models for changemakers and social impact brands. We use the quadruple bottom line approach, people, planet, profit, and purpose, with every decision we make. This sustianability framework looks at the social, economic, and environmental impact of your business while also staying aligned to why your business exists, your purpose. Read more>>

Justin Colussy-Estes: Manager & bookseller, Little Shop of Stories

Diane Capriola, co-owner and originator of Little Shop of Stories, always says, “Children’s books will save the world.” It’s the most simple way of stating a complex truth. And I firmly believe this is true because I’ve seen it at work here in our community. Being able to build bridges across members of the community by providing books to kids is a very real and incredible act. Whether that means helping a young person find a book that will make a lasting impact on the rest of their lives, or bring authors to schools so children can meet and talk to their favorite authors and illustrators, or bringing together businesses, community partners, and families around the idea of reading and discussing the same book, it’s incredible to see the warmth and joy on people’s faces as they engage with books for kids. Even in hard times, especially in hard times, books not only help children get their heads around hurt and suffering and ways to survive and heal, they also help adults do the same. Read more>>

Uniqua Clemons: Herbalist, Sociologist, & Friend

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” ~Tupac Shakur. I often think of this quote. I would love for my business to leave an imprint on the world. I want every customer or person that comes in contact with Earth Bar to feel loved and know that we care about their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. So in reference to the quote mentioned earlier, I would love for Earth Bar to be a place of love and light, where individuals can come to find peace and quality herbal products to better their health. Earth bar is also a place where other black entrepreneurs can gather, network, and support one another. The ultimate goal is to help the community stay healthy, support one another, and show there is power in coming together. Read more>>