Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Shamel Solomon | Certified Personal Development Life Coach, Inner Healing & Deliverance Minister

Next Level You is a global Christian based coaching program that focuses on personal development, inner healing, and deliverance. This program has not only helped women in the U.S.A but also Trinidad, and Bermuda as well. With creditable certifications, studying, inner healing, deliverance, and a lifetime of being broken in every way that you can think of, I was able to channel my personal experiences and create different programs to help broken women become whole again. When we are not in our right mind, we can’t see clearly. When the heart is healed, the mind can then be transformed, and with both the world becomes a better place. Healed hearts is what changes the world. Read more>>

Sarah Chari Grasso | Music School Owner & Teacher

Music is a language that is one of the purest forms of expression of humanity. We strive to connect our community with music, bringing people together. Unity allows us all to impact our community as individuals and in groups. As a musician, teacher and business person, Music By Tritone is my dream job. I get to share my love of music with the world and local community both through teaching and performing. This past year has made the concept of “togetherness through music” even more abundantly clear to me. Music By Tritone has continued to grow despite these uncertain Covid-19 times. During the quarantine time and community isolation, we all shared our emotions (both positive and negative) through music. Read more>>

LeTonya F. Moore

We realized very early that a brand’s success and longevity is intertwined with the vision and purpose of the visionary. There is an innate disregard of self that we see over and over with high achieving people. There are compartmentalization and a wall that is constructed between the vision and the visionary, this could lead to very detrimental outcomes down the road. When we look at Kate Spade, Robin Williams, and others, the world saw greatness; but it was clearly a dark and lonely place that ended in a devastating way. Our company takes a holistic approach to the way that we provide services and take into account the person, the purpose, and profitability. We know that historically disadvantaged populations have been conditioned to work, work, work, and produce, produce, produce. Read more>>

Tramaine Ashford | Comedian & Actor

Comedy is good for the soul. Laughter is the best medicine, and good for the heart. Comedy helps open doors to complex issues, persuades us emotionally, and breaks down social barriers. Read more>>

Megan Burke | Lead Singer

Almost everyone has some connection to music. Everyone in our band has been connected through music, has had our spirits lifted by music, enjoy music when we’re happy or sad… It’s the one thing almost anyone can enjoy (even if everyone loves different genres). We’re trying to connect people together just like we’ve been. Help people see different points of view and tell stories. It’s something we all need, especially when times are tough. Read more>>

Tory Keit | Chief Executive Officer

The mission of the Oasis Community Foundation enhances the structure of culturally inclusive initiatives within our communities by providing leadership through enriching philanthropy that builds enduring assets and by promoting innovative solutions through various resources, support, and actions that advance the common good while fostering positive economic growth. Read more>>

RICHI V | Author & Screenplay Writer

My creativity of a writer allows me to let people escape for awhile, I love to entertain other people’s minds. Read more>>

Carlisle Kellam | Filmmaker

That’s an interesting question. I think, assuming my business does help the community or the world (and I hope it does,) there are a number of ways to answer the question but, for the sake of brevity, I’ll stick to two. First, people need stories. Second, we are edified by seeing old things presented in a new way. With respect to the former, we humans are social animals, we find it interesting (or, rather, necessary) to hear about each others experiences. A good story offers us a moment of catharsis – the ability to release and grow by connecting our own experiences, literally or by analogy, to the story we’re being told. And with respect to the latter, I think seeing something old presented in a new way breaks us out of ourselves and shows us new truths we may have previously overlooked. Seeing something from a different angle really helps us to put life in perspective and more deeply understand that experience is composed of a multitude. Read more>>