Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Bella Neal | Wedding and Couples Photographer

My business is based on helping out the community. What I do isn’t just capture photos of anyone and anything, but rather telling love stories between people and their lives to showcase to the world that love still exists. It’s so easy to keep up in this fast paced world and to forget all the little moments that MAKE your life what it is and who you are, so I specialize in capturing all the little moments for you to stop, pause, and reflect on that space. It’s a reminder to slow down, to love deeply, and to cherish each moment because you never know when someone or something can be taken from you. Read more>>

Crystal Jade Allen | Owner, Spa Science

It’s been refreshing and so beautiful to see how Spa Science brings people together. From the first time we hosted a Spa Science party, we were amazed by the conversations we heard. While we’re together mixing fragrances, the joy, the peace of mind, the pause from all the outside noise – all of it just settles. People start to share everything from their candle-making ingredients to their hopes and dreams, and its a wonderful energy to build and be a part of. We need that in our community, even if its just for an hour, and I’m so happy Spa Science can provide that. Read more>>

Caitlin Wimberley | Mama Coach & Hype Girl | Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

When I became a mom, I struggled. Not just in the normal, everyday sense of trying to keep another human alive, but I battled severe postpartum depression and went from being in front of hordes of people a day (I was a high school English teacher) to then being alone with just an infant. Through this time, I learned very quickly that what I needed most is community and movement. I found a local stroller fitness group, joined, and that became the catalyst to where I am now. Read more>>

Alex Cortez | Photographer & Barista & Hummus lover

I think my business helps both. So I grew up with three other siblings, and while our mom was always working to feed us and keep a roof over our heads, we also don’t really remember a time where she wasn’t making time for us. She nurtured our individual selves and goals and gave us so much love that I live to carry on into my business and personal relationships. With each wedding, or even inqueries, my goal first and foremost is to carry that same love and fun, nurturing spirit that my mom to this stay still gives to us, and encourage my clients to be themselves and show them how beautiful being themselves can be. Read more>>

Kendra Benson | Career Strategist & Consultant

My business was created to help my clients amplify their professional expertise, refine their professional narrative, and secure the higher paying opportunities to get the quality of life they deserve NOW. I greatly believe that people of color have historically made less money because we have accepted LESS. I work with my clients to get strategic about their career so that they can have the knowledge going in that our counterparts have had from the beginning of time. So its never been about a how many jobs I can get for me because at this point its too many to count but it is rather about how can I impact their lives. Its way more than just about a JOB. Read more>>

Cheyenne M. Davis | Writer, Podcaster, Content Creator and Adjunct Professor

I have created my personal brand and crafted my content to inform others of the importance of creating work that shows fat, Black folk as ethereal beings beyond our identity. My current goals are to continue to craft inclusive content and act as a consultant for brands, platforms, etc. to change and add features that are inclusive of marginalized individuals, especially those who share the intersections of fatness and Blackness. Read more>>

Taranda Reneé | Sound Healing Practitioner & Podcast Host

InnerG Vibrations was Divinely & purposefully created to be impactful. It is my vision to help individuals, families, and communities around the world resonate with their Inner God/Goddess, Inner Growth, Inner Good, Inner Guidance, Inner Gratitude, Inner Grace, and even Inner Gangsta through sound therapy, meditation & energetic healing. As we prioritize our spiritual/mental health & awareness, we will individually heal traumas, heal our lineage by breaking generational curses, & create new thoughts, habits and patterns that better serve us and those around us. Read more>>

Yul Anderson | Futurist, Researcher

The African American Future Society is a social influencer, and participates or hosts various national and international workshops/training sessions on policies issues that impact the planet and the future of Black Americans. We are a crowdsource research company focusing on collective intelligence and foresight research methods. Read more>>

Deion Messiah | Designer & Visionary

Don Devitto impacts the community and world by providing a Community Collection in which an annual percentage of the revenue gathered from Devitto’s Community Collection is given back to underserved, and underprivileged communities in the form of non-profit organizations, giveaways, and events for community building. Read more>>

Curtis Brown | KingCurtLive Comedian & Media Personality

African Americans as well as most people of color are grossly under-represented in mainstream media. Head Nerds In Charge seeks to bridge that gap and bring more representation to media by giving a platform to marginalized people who normally would not have a chance to showcase their content to a larger audience. Within our business we educate our clients on branding, show production, promotion, how to monetize their platform and build multiple revenue streams. Read more>>

Patrice Roberts | Licensed Esthetician & Yoni Steam Practitioner

My business helps the community or the world by teaching my community that self care is important. Taking care of ourselves is highly important and not to feel guilty about it. A lot of people in the African American community weren’t taught the importance of self it’s important for the body as well as the spirit. In my profession, I take care of everything that I possibly can. I teach my clients that your whole body needs to be taken care of regularly. There are parts of ourselves we neglect. I teach people what I wish my mother or mother’s mother would have taught me. What I’ve learned is that you can’t teach what you don’t know. Read more>>

Sierra Bell | Cosmetologist, Barber, Stylist, and Writer

BOWMOB is a beauty and wellness brand that builds self esteem and empowers others to go out and make the world a more beautiful place. Our clients are educated on healthy hair care practices and healthy lifestyle suggestions. We participate in community outreach programs to volunteer our grooming services. Bowmob also offers tutoring services to our student clientele. We encourage our clients to be the beauty they want to see in the world. We volunteer grooming services to our local outreach program Read more>>